Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First day in college

March 5, 2012 is officially my first day in college after 6 months of holiday. Woohooo!
At first I was not really that excited. But as the time flowing, I kinda like it.
I go to Laguardia Community College located in Long Island City New York.
It's a pretty good school. Pretty good I meant the facilities. It has a perfect wifi connection, it has gym and swimming pool for students to use, we can print as much as we want in the library, it has copy machines, in front of the campus there 7eleven and a pizza shop and there are some people who sell food in carts, it has book store, in every building (4 buldings) there are computers which can be used by students. It's kinda above average school.
My first class of the day was math and I taught by a professor. She is a lady. And she is so nice.
And my other class also being taught by ladies and all of them are so nice.
I kinda like this school. Especially the studying thing. My friends told me that going to college is suck because they gave us a lot of homework. I got homework too. Since the first day, I already got 5 homework and I have done 4 of them. It kinda drained my energy, but it is  lot of fun though.
Being stuck in school from morning until evening might be a problem for some kids, but I don't think it happens to me, I like to be in school actually with friends or just alone. Cause I'm a little bit an independent person. So, I don't care if I go anywhere by myself.
Speaking of friends, trust me, finding a new friends in a new school in also a new city is hard. Recently I hang out with my only friend. He's from Egypt. He's nice though and he also found it hard to find friends But I also got another girl friends. We are in the same class. And we got along.
I hope I won't regret going to school and I really really hope I can continue my study in here. Hahaha
And for those my friends, COME HERE!!!!!
Study hard. Enjoy what you learn. Love where you study. Because not everyone get the sam chance as you do, which is going to the university.

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