Monday, March 19, 2012

College seems so hard

Remember how things used to be so much fun in high school? We still able to ask friends about any subjects we don't understand, we did homework together, even did exams together. Hahaha
That's what I called "togetherness"
As the time goes by, we graduated from high school and began to go to university or college. 
We used to dream to go to this part faster and we also thought it would be so much fun. But it is really not that fun.
The fun things about college are we don't have to use uniform, our studying times are flexible, and we felt like a young adult. Isn't that right colleagues? 
I'm on of a college student as well. I just started this year. In the first week, it was so fun. But at the end of the second week and at the beginning of the third week, I felt bored. There is no other reason than having friends. I have a couple of friends. But their classes are not the same as mine. And also our language makes us hard to communicate. 
I thought it won't be that hard for me to catch up with the curriculum in here. I was wrong. Well not really though. I can catch up, but I'm struggling with some of the assignments. When I didn't know how to do the assignments, I don't know who should I ask to. Or like math, when I forgot about the formula, I would just stare at those questions with tears rolling down from my eyes. 
This college life in here is so different especially when I'm here alone without my friends who always there when I didn't understand a thing.

Do not ever underestimate something before you go through it. Cause if you do, you will be regretful. 
College is fun. But going it through by yourself is no fun. Plus, their methods of studying an the way they solve problems are way so much different than what my teachers taught me.
I'm struggling !!!

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