Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A broken hearted girl

A girl was standing there alone watching people passed her by.
The street was pretty crowded.
She could hear sound of cars and trains in front and above her.
She saw a group of girls talking and laughing.
She saw a girl who was hugged and kissed by her boyfriend.

At the moment, she went back to the time when she was that one lucky girl.
A girl who had a loving boyfriend.
Whose hands were always being held by him.
Whose body never got cold because he hugged her often.
Whose smile never fade away.
Whose laughter always fill her day.
Whose heart was never empty.
Whose life was so perfect because she had him.
Whose heart was protected.

Happy ending happens in fairy tale only.
She didn't have that for the rest of her life.
She had to let it go and move on.
She tried to be strong, but she was too weak to handle it alone.
She tried to let it go, but those memories seem to stuck in her heart.
She tried to move on, but she stuck in her past.
She tried.

She was lost.
Lost in the darkness of love.
Left in the harsh part of the world.
Live with an empty heart.
Moved to the unknown place.

Her heart became numb.
She afraid to fall in love.
She doesn't want anyone to come near her.
She avoid boys who like her.
She blamed herself for letting him go.

Now she realized that she couldn't do anything.
She can't take back what she had let go.
She can't ask for something that had gone.
She can't have what's not belong to her anymore.
She is gone.
Gone from the crowd.
Gone from the happiness.
And gone from his heart, that's what she thought.

Even now she is a lonely broken hearted girl,
but she glad that other girls can have the happiness she used to have.
She believed that if he is the one, he would come back.
Maybe not today or tomorrow.
Because it takes not just days or months, but years for love to find its way to come back to the right heart.

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