Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

"I wish I don't have to live with my parents."
"I wish I don't have friends like them."
"I wish he/she will be my boyfriend/girlfriend."

These are just some statements I have ever heard and I said some of them as well.
What I learned about wishing is that you have to be careful what you wish for. Because you don't know what might happen after your wish had come true.
You wished to live without your parents. BOOM!! After you go to college, you live far far away from your parents. You rarely call them or ask how are they doing. While they worried about you.
At the beginning you might like it or even love it. But as the time fly, you will feel lonely because there is no one who took care of you like there used to be. No one cooked for you anymore. No one kissed your forehead before you go to sleep. No one asked whether your day is good or not. No one would be there when you are sick. Then, you will regret what you have said and you would say,"I wish my parents were here."
Is it going to be that easy to come true? Nope! It isn't. What you said in the first place shows your true feeling.You got it, you went through it, and now you regret it. It's not easy to take back what you have said. That's call punishment. It's nature thing, you can't change it.
You have to reflect deep down in yourself, make a confession to yourself, and wish that it all never came true. If you are lucky, things will get back like it used to be. If you are not, just go with the flow.

What you said is what you get. Watch your mouth in every words that came out from it. Words can make you stronger, but it can kill you softly.
Every word that came out from your mouth is being heard by what's above us.
If you said that word and mean it seriously, it will come true.
It's nice if the good things come true and not the bad one.
Before you speak, think.
Before you make a wish, thinking way further. What might happen if your wish come true? Will it effect your life? What are the advantages? And will you regret it?

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