Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Angela's last sentence

"Please! Do something!!!" said Liam "There is nothing else we can do. It's too late." "Angela wake up dear. Wake up!! Don't leave me. Take me with you." Liam couldn't do anything but cry. He regretted how stupid he was for letting Angela go to the park by herself. On the day of the funeral, after everyone was gone, Liam stayed. He cried, he hugged Angela's tomb. His clothes covered with dirt. His face looked pale. His skin was very dry. And his body was skinnier than before. He hadn't eat since the day of the accident. It was a sunny day after winter in Connecticut. Everybody went out from their house to enjoy the beautiful day. And so did Angela. She was frustrated because of all her school assignments. She called Liam to ask him if he wanted to go to a park. Liam said he couldn't because he was so tired and wanted to stay at home all the long. Knowing that, Angela went by herself to the park. She walked on the sidewalk. She said hello to everyone she met. She smiled, she sang, and she was happy. The park is in front of her. She was about to cross the street when suddenly a car that went so fast stop right on her left side but it did not hit her. She was shocked then she fainted. One of the people in the park who saw that called 911. The car's driver came out from the car. He tried to wake her up but he couldn't. Polices, fire brigades and ambulances came. Polices investigated the driver. Fire brigades looked at the car in case if there was fire that would burn the car. While the doctor and nurses took care of Angela. They put her on a bed then put it into the ambulance and they took her to Milford Hospital because it's the nearest one. As soon as they arrived there, they brought her to emergency unit. They connected kymograph to her body so that they would know how was her heart beat. While the other nurse tried to find her contact number and she found it. She called Angela's home and her mother was the one who answer that. Instead of telling Angela's mom that she is in the hospital, the nurse told her mom to come because Doctor Klein wants to speak with Angela's parents. After they received that call, her parents went straight to the hospital. Her dad was using khaki and t-shirt and her mom used a beautiful pink dress-Angels' favorite color. They went to information desk and asked if Doctor Klein was there, they said yes, and they told them where to go. It was a cold bright room with white curtain on windows, black big chair, and a marble sink. There was a couple of shelves on the side of the doctor's table which contain binders and files. There were also some human's body pictures hanging on the wall. While they were sitting on the chair, the door was opened. A tall white man with read suit covered with white medical coat came into the room and shake their hands. He sat and began to talk with them eyes to eyes slowly but sure. Her parents were shocked knowing what happened with their only daughter. Her mom cried. Her dad forced Doctor Klein to bring them to see their daughter. They walked into the emergency unit room together and they found Angela was laying on the bed unconscious. Her face looked pale. Her body was cold. She wasn't die yet because the kymograph still showing how her heart was beating. They sat on her side. Her dad called Liam. In just minutes Liam arrived in the emergency unit room. He stayed strong. He wasn't even cry. He entered the room and met Angela's parents. Her dad move to the right side of the bed while Liam sat on the left side. He held her hand. He made a sign of cross and began to pray. He talked to God, he asked God if He could bring Angela back to her life not to heaven. Silence covered the entire room. The 4 of them were so quiet until Doctor Klein came back into the room with a sad face. He said,"There is something that you guys should know." everyone were looking at Doctor Klein."Angela has a problem with her heart. Her heart beats look like it's normal. But there is a bulge in it. It causes her to get tired easily and causes her to feel pain on her left chest." Liam cut him."Wait. I think she ever told me that she felt a major pain on her left chest that she couldn't even breathe. Is that also the cause?" Her mom asked, "Really? She never mentioned it to us." "Maybe she thought it was nothing. But I did told her to go to the doctor. And also when she was like thinking too much she felt the pain getting worst. There was one time when I was walking with her, she was really frustrated and suddenly she stopped, she put her hand on her chest and started to moan. But later, she walked as usual." Replied Liam while holding her hand tighter. "I am so sorry but it seems like this bulge appeared years ago." "Can you do anything about it?" Asked dad "Apparently not. That accident made her heart beating faster than usual. As you can see on the kymograph. It beats every second without a gap." "Doesn't is suppose to be that way?" asked Liam "No. There has to be a tiny gap between those beats and do you see the graph? That is unsual." Doctor Klein exhaling. "I need you guys to stay positive and keep praying okay. If there is something going on, push that red button and I will come here." "Okay. Thank you." Replied her dad There came silence again. Liam and her parents were still holding her hands. They did not know that Angela was actually there with them. Angela hugged her mom and her dad then she flew to Liam. She stroked his hair. She kissed his cheek. And she laid on his shoulder. She whispered to Liam's ear, "Liam, I know I'm going to die because I can't get into my body anymore. God is outside and waiting for me to come out. I want you to know that no matter where I am now, I will always be with you. I may not be able to hug you ever again, but I will always love you. I will always protect you from up there. I will be in a place where I will find true happiness and there will be no tears. You don't have to cry because I'm gonna be happy in there. Thank you for everything. You are my first and last love. I would love to marry you but I can't. I have made something for you. I put in under my bed. You can take it later after my funeral. There I wrote about how we met, how you became my man, and how you affected my life. This far, I never love someone as much as I do to you. I am so grateful that God brought you into my life. He united us for a reason. And He now separates us for another good reason too. I don't know what that is. Now I have to go. I hope you will never forget me, Because I can never forget you. Behind my death, there's gotta be something good about it. Something that you will realize years after today. Something that God wanted you to do and my dream that hasn't been fulfilled. And I want you to make it come true for me. How? You will find it in the box underneath my bed." She kissed him. "I love you Liam. I truly am. I will never stop thinking about you. And if you miss me, pick a star, name it after me, and talk to me. I will answer you through your dreams or through people around you. I have no heart cause I gave it to you. And from now on, you will never be alone, I'm always there with you because I am in you. Good bye my dearest Liam. Cheer up!" Liam felt like there was wind blowing to his neck. Angela's fingers were moving. Liam noticed it. He shouted and pushed the red button so many times. Doctor Klein and a nurse came into the room. Liam told him that her fingers were moving. Angela's mouth opened slowly. There was a huge silence with heart beats were racing inside the 3 of them. Doctor Klein told everyone to keep quiet. They kept holding her hand. A weak voice came out from her mouth saying,"I love you mom, dad, thank you for everything." She said that really slowly and in broken. She opened her eyes slowly, she looked straight into Liam's eyes and said,"I love you." "I love you too. Please wake up." "Forever" said Angela for the last time TTIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG. Everything was over. The kymograph showed no heart beat. Doctor used defibrillator paddles to shock her heart and tried to wake her up. But it was no use. Doctor told them to let her go. Liam kissed her lips. He released it and he saw happy tears came out from Angela's eyes. She was smiling and crying at the same time. After funeral, with Liam's suit covered with dirt, he went to Angela's home along with her parents. He helped them to pack her things. He sat on her bed then laid and cuddle Angela's favorite bear that was given by Liam on their first anniversary. He fell asleep. A couple hours later he woke up in shock because he lost the bear. He looked around the bed but he didn't find it. He looked underneath the bed, he found the bear along with a box. He took it and he opened it. On the top of the box there were a love sign with their picture on it and a sentence saying,"no matter where you are, I will always love you Liam." He smiled and wiped his eyes. The box looks like a treasure box. He opened it and found a lot of pictures which of course their pictures. On the bottom of the box he found a letter written by Angela saying that she really wants to volunteer in nursing home and she wants to help the poor. And she added Liam to her list. She wanted Liam to join her in volunteering in nursing home and help the poor. There was also a scrapbook. She drew stars on the cover-she loves stars. The first page she wrote, "My love story" It's a simple title. It was about the first time they met and how hard it was for her to get his attention. She put 1 picture for every page. And those pictures were connected with what she wrote underneath or beside them. Liam read it slowly. He made sure he did not miss a thing. He smiled, he laughed, and he cried because of her sentences and the pictures. The last page, she wrote about how lucky she is to have Liam in her life. She wished that she could marry Liam and have Liam for the rest of her life. She wrote that she had picked one star for them and it's the northern star. Liam cried really hard when he read that part. He cuddle the book along with the bear and walked to the terrace in front of Angela's room. It was dark already. He saw a star that was the brightest among the others. He doesn't know anything about star. So he thought that was their star. He sat down and looked at that star. He said, "Hi Angela. How are you in there? Are you happy now? Look! I found your "secret box" under your bed" teased Liam. "I saw all of our pictures and I read the scrapbook you've made. Is that for me? Oh my, you are so sweet. Why didn't you give it to me like months ago? That book is awesome, you know? But why Angela? Why did you put my ugly face in there? Hahahaha. It's okay for me as long as it maked you happy. But before I continue my speech, hahaha, am I looking at the right star? Well, I think I am because I'm looking at the brightest one and you are the brighest among other girls. Ehehem, let me continue. I miss you my dear. I want to see your smile. Don't they have skype in there so I can video call you? I am so sorry for didn't accompany you to the park that day. If only I came with you, this will never happen and you will be here with me now lookign at our star. But wait a minute, why didn't you also tell me you picked a star? You like to make surprises, don't you babe? 's That's okay because I love surprises but not this one. You can give me any kind of surprises but you can't give me this kind of surprise. Why do you have to go this fast? Why you no stay here longer? Why can't we just be Romeo and Juliette who died together and live happily ever after in heaven? I read your wish lists. You want to volunteer and help the poor right? So nice of you. Since now you can't do that, I will do that for you. I will do everything that you wish you can do, Just appear in my dreams and tell me okay. But when I do what you want to do, please be there with me so I can feel your presence and I won't feel alone. Darling, I know what's inside your head now. You want me to move on, don't you? Hahaha like yeah I'm gonna do that." Silence for a long time " I don't think I can do that Angela. You are the most amazing girl friend I ever had. I didn't even know how my days were this awesome when I was with you. What's that you're saying? I am the best man? ehem thank you. Hahahhaa. I don't think I'm going to find another girl like you Angela. You are special. Not just for me, but for your parents and for strangers too. You have a smile that made a rainy day became a beautiful day. You were and you are surrounded by people who love you. Angela, I will try to make your dreams come true and I will talk to you every day and every night. Can you do me a favor? Please show up in my dreams every day so I can talk to you, hug you, and see you again so I won't feel lonely. And one thing, I will not trying to find a new girl friend before I found one like you. Angela, I love you." He kissed her bear. Angela who was sitting next to him, looked at him and smiled. She was so happy to see Liam smiling than seeing him crying. "I won't leave you Liam." said Angela and at the same time Liam said," I will not forget you Angela."

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