Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your tweets are killing me softly

I clicked twitter icon on my phone. I typed my username and password. I waited. And it suddenly appeared your name, saying something. So, I clicked on your name, I stalked your twitter for a while and I found out what you tweeted for the last, I don't know, a couple of minutes or hours. I read them one by one, slowly but sure, and I felt like they were for me. I was not really sure. But my heart said that it meant for me. But who kniows.
I kept stalking. I read your conversation with people I know, with girls, boys, and even teacher. I read you conversation with a girl and every time that girl send a tweet to you, it contains cute emote, like she is interested in you. Well, I don't know about it for sure, but she kinda look like it.
You do not know how I feel when I read that. I felt like I got punched on my chest, like you punched me with your one hand but it covered with nails facing towards me.
That was so damn hurt. I may look fine, but you do not know what's going on inside my heart.
Why did I feel that way? Because I'm still in love with you. i, personally, did not want you to go. Especially, you left me without a clear reason. I would have stop you for leaving, but it was not me who control you, it was yourself. So, I was just like,"uum okay." while my heart said,"Damn, I wanna die!"
You should have been more sensitive with me. I know you want to move on, but it is not the right way. I never forbid you to move on, because I would tell you to do so, but you have to find ways to make me moving on along with you. Cause, if I keep loving you until the end of time, and you never come back, I would die for nothing, I would die lonely, and my eyes won't shut because I keep waiting for you.
There are a lot of ways to move on, not just by making the other jealous.
Making the other jealous is one way to make them love you and make them want to have you back.
Getting back to you is impossible, because I'm going to be in the other side of the world. We may have phones, but still distance could kill our love. 
Some people said that distance doesn't matter, and so did you. They kept their relationship tight, while us ended before I moved.
You did the right thing though. Because if we're still together, who knows what might happen with us if we don't see each other for a long period of time. 
I miss you so bad. 
Oh dear, please treat me well like you treated me before. We may not be together again, but I still care so much about you. And I hope you do so>

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