Monday, February 13, 2012

My beloved friends

I have lots of friends. They are my extraordinary friends. They are different gender than me. Some are younger, some are older, and the rest are elderly.
In person, they just like anyone else. But once u new them close, u'll find out how awesome they are.
Those people are the best. I saw them do silly things, which made me laugh. They helped me to move on and to enjoy my new life in a new place.

These people are amazing, because what ever they do, it makes me smile.

These people are unforgettable, because they filled my teenage life with adventure we did together. We visited one restaurant to the other. We tried every food in town. We bought one kind of food then we shared it together.

These people are romantic. Even we are not boyfriend-girlfriend, they always give :* emote at the end of their tweet to me.

This person is artistic. She made me a book with our picture and she also wrote some quotes in it.

These people don't mind if I hug them when we met.

These people are those who always appear in my twitter timeline, give me their shoulder when I cried, give me a hug when they saw me, text me when I'm sad, hang out with me for the whole week when I was in town.

These people, they might not popular, but they can give things that money can't buy. They gave me happiness and adventure.

These people are you, HS friends!!

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