Monday, February 27, 2012

I wish I could

Stay by your side
Be with you all the time
Be in the same city with you
See you smile at me
hug you every time we met
give you a kiss good night before you go to bed
say how much I love you
express how much I miss you
tell you how I don't want to lose you
wipe tears on your cheek
make you mine for now and forever
be with you in happy or sad
get through all the pain together
walk down the street holding your hand
kiss you cheek
wear your jacket
tickle you
talk to you every minute
kiss you through skype
be more brave to express what I feel
be there when you're sad
have a romantic candle-lit dinner with you
go to the beach together
watch movies in a cinema
travel to Paris
make you come back
convince you not to leave me
ask you to stay
spend my day with you as if I'm gonna die the next day
be the only one who stays in your heart
be your mother's favorite
give you more attention
bring you to where I am now
go back to the time when it still "us"
tell you how strong this love is
be more romantic than I am now
do something so that you'd come back to me
make you smile every second
have told you how much you meant for me
say sorry for being that perfect girl for you
tell you how hard it is to say good bye so that you didn't say good bye to me
forget that you ever said good bye
remind you that I'm waiting for you
tell you how much I miss the time when we went to the beach
tell you that I gave my whole life for you
be your favorite girl
be yours again

It's true that we only have 1 chance in a life time. I got it, but I didn't use it wisely. That's one of the reason I wish I could do these things.
And I wish I could say these things to you. But I'm too afraid to say so. I wrote this, so you could know what's in my  heart and what I feel.
Oh dear, one day I will say it to you. I'm just waiting for the right time to say it.
If I say it now, will you still be the same?

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