Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome back to Bali

What's up BALIIII??
Finally, after 4 months of waiting, I went back to Bali.
January 22nd I departed from JFK airport. My departure time was 8.10 pm.
It took 8 hours to arrive at Frankfurt, and we laid over about 2 hours, and continued the flight to Singapore and it took 10 hours.
I arrived at Singapore on Tuesday, January 24th. It felt like 2 days to get to Bali from New York.
I went back to Bali without telling anyone except my best friends.
The first house I visited when I arrived was Maria's.
The next day, January 25th, my friend, fanny went to my home to pick me up then we went together to our beloved SMAK Santo Yoseph.
I went to faniiepani's class and appeared in front of the class' door and she was amazed and ran straight to me. Thanked God, there was no teacher, so we could talk for a while. And when I was talking with her, our friend, Kevin was coming from down stairs and he saw me and he was like shocked as if he saw Lady Gaga. Aaahh, I still can't forget his face. That was so freakin awesome!!! HAHAHA..
Then, I met my teachers and other friends. Most of them asked why didn't I tell them that I'm going to go home. And I answered,"Just trying to make a surprise." 
And yeah, I succeed it, for the second time.
And the next day, I spent it with my girls and boys at Mall Bali Galeria. We went to the movies to watch Sherlock Holmes which the story I didn't really get it, we ate at pizza hut, and we have fun.
We also planned to go to Potato Head, Woobar, and doing some photo shooting at Ubud maybe. For those who want to join us, contact me ;) hahhaha
But I haven't met all of my friends yet. Soon, I will :)

I am really really very very extraordinary happy that I got back to Bali. Even I'll be here for a month, at least I can meet my friends before I face that little boring thing called "study"
I'm gonna go back to the States on February 22nd. And I wish, before I go back, I can spend the each and everyday with my beloved friends.
I miss you so much Bali. sun shine, families, and friends. :*

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