Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My best hello and memorable good bye.

I still remember the first time I saw
The greatest time I have ever been
I adored you from the distance
I stole a smile from you
And kept it in my heart
Your eyes..
Your smile..
Your every move..
Lifted my heart up
When you smiled at me, I felt lucky

Days by days pass over
There was no sign that you'd notice me
Until the prom night came and asked me to go there with someone

I wasn't the only who felt that
But then, you came to me and asked me if I would go with you
I said "yes"
And there we went to the prom together
As a couple
Just a couple, no more..

There came graduation day
When you went to school to see me
And took me to lunch
We sat together, ate our lunch
While my other friends teased us from the distance
You grabbed my hand
Handed me over a long grey scarf
And asked me if I would be your girl
And again, I said "yes"

Happiness, love, cheer, and smile
Filled my days since that
We talked on phone every night
We texted every minute
We said that we love each other before we went to bed
We were just...

It was because of the distance
Our relationship was at the edge of falling
And it was over when you said "good bye"

Hurt, cries, mourn, and pouting
That was how I looked like
I was lost
I was afraid
I was alone
The world seemed like empty
And I live there by myself
I couldn't eat
I couldn't think
All I had in my mind was,
"Why didn't I stop you?"
I kept feeling blue ever since

I kept wishing you'd come back
But you wouldn't

I tried to forget you
But I couldn't

Because when I was with you,
I had the best moment in my life
You told me how to stay strong when I was down
You taught me how to make blog, how to keep pursuing what I wanted
You and I also took the most amazing photos I have ever did
I did so many new things with you

Now, you are gone from my life
But you still stay in my heart
Because you gave me the best "hello"
You started all of these with love and smile
And you ended it up with gave me the best experience before you left.
That's why you are my memorable good bye.

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