Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life is not easy.

Have you ever complaining about how your life is? I have!
I am in that situation right now, where kinda every day I complain about how hard life is. Especially when you do nothing. No school yet, no job yet, no friends around, and hard to buy anything you want.
It is hard seeing my life right now, which it used to be a lot of fun, but now it has become less fun than I ever had even I'm in New York.
Living in this city is not a big deal at all if you don't have lots of cash. Because everything in here cost a lot of money. There is not one day you don't spend your money. On grocery, clothing, anything else.
You and I, as a child, jut need to ask our parents if we need something. But, for how long will we do that? Just asking and they give us. Our parents may seem like it was okay, but deep down in their heart, they said,"Oh God, when will my child grow up, find and get a job, and stop asking for money?"
They will never say that to you because they don't want to break your heart. Because these days, kids are getting easily upset when they heard their parents said that sentence.
Every time I complained about my condition, my mom always said,"Do not complain too much. Because you will never be poor if you keep praying, go to church, and be a good person."
That is true. When we have no money, we still have God. We can trust Him that he won't let us suffering, have no home, or can't eat. 
Even when you have no money at all, there always be a miracle, when someone suddenly give you food, or you got a job. Who knows? Only God knows what will happen tomorrow. We, as humans, know nothing except live this life.
Some people complained about why they can't be a rich people. 
You don't have to be rich to live. You just need to have faith in God that he will give you your daily bread so that you can still eat every day and find a job to get a better life.
Life is never easy. When it becomes easy, it's just an intermezzo so that you won't be bored with your life. This life only ask one thing for you: enjoy your life and live it well.
If you started your life in pain, suffering, or bad condition, trust me, later on, you will have your glory. But when it comes to glory, don't forget to share your happiness and don't forget about your past. Because, what goes around, comes around.
People will not always be on the top of the world, they will fall, but if they have the strength, they can rise and. And you can also do that.
Have faith and keep fighting!!

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