Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life is a climb. But the view is great.

Life is a climb
I never heard anyone said that life is easy. Even those rich people. They also say that life is hard, life is tough, life is not like what they think. If you think that way too, then you are a normal person. Life has never been easy. Obstacles are in our life. It chases us where ever we go and be with us when ever we don't need them.
Why life is so tough? If life is easy, then it's not life, it's a fairytale.
Life is a challenge for us, human. It challenges us on how can we love one and another, how we respect each other, and how long are we able to survive.

But the view is great
Life is not always tough. Maybe it's tough sometimes, but there's always be a time when life makes us happy. By living in this earth, we can see how beautiful God's creation are. There are handsome and beautiful people, nice weather, cute animals, and every other thing. 
God will not always gives us challenges. That's why He created all of those things that surrounded you.
Which part of life has the great view? The answer is all of them. You just have to be a ble to see it with your  bare eyes but your heart is open. 

because if you really knew God, all thing that He created are amazing.
Maybe you just haven't realize it yet. But soon, you will.

Source: Hannah Montana the movie
Song: The Climb   

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