Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I DO believe in miracle

Miracle also known as magic. 
Miracle is something that just happened without you noticed it.
Some people don't believe in miracle for some reason. But me, I do believe in miracle. Because it happened to me several times in my life. 
The most unexpected thing was about my visa to USA.
We took care of my visa since 2005 along with my mom's visa. It was not a visitor visa, but immigrant visa. It was kinda hard to get that kind of visa, because they gave us many requirements.
My dad who lived in USA took care of it. He went to the lawyer, paid this and that, went to the embassy, and dalalalalaa....
We really took a really good care of that thing. But, for more than 3 years, they haven't call us.
My mom kept praying and hoping for the best.
And suddenly on April 2008, the embassy sent us an email saying that my mom should go to U.S. Embassy which located in Jakarta. But that was only my mom, exclude me. Still, we were so happy.
We went to Jakarta straight away. My mom did medical examination and she went to the embassy and was interviewed by a person in the embassy.
We waited for about 1 week until they called my mom to go back to the embassy. And when she went to the embassy they told her to give her passport and wait for another week, because they were going to issued her visa. WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!!
You couldn't imagine how happy we were at that time. 
And after that, we went back to Bali and waited for the visa.
Days after days, months after months, years after years, we didn't get a call from the embassy telling me to go there to get my visa. I was already in high school at that moment. I was a junior. And as a junior, I already thought where I would go after I finish high school. I was so confused because I didn't get the visa yet at the time. But I kept studying so that when I got the visa, I can go straight to America and continue my study in there.
Since that, I began to pray every single day, which I never done before.
My dad told me to be patient and just let God do the things. But me, as a teenager, I couldn't be patient to get to America. But then I realized that I can do nothing because everything is in God's hand. And we wait, we wait, and on March 2011, that was my senior year and about to graduate, I received an email from embassy telling me to go to Jakarta and continue taking care of my visa. I was majorly happy. I thanked God for that.
And then we went to Jakarta on May 2011. I went to embassy along with my mom. She came inside with me and she was also came in when I was interviewed. Consequently, she got asked by the lady and she answered it wrong. I was soooooo upset with her. And because of that we have to send them some missing documents. I thought that I won't get the visa. I cried. And all over the place called me and told me to calm down.
After that, I called my dad and told him to sent me the missing documents.
I was really upset, because I have done my medical examination which was hurtful. I got twice blood tests and 5 immunizations at the same time.
After those :tragedies", we went back to Bali to calm my self down. I was already finished my final examination, so I had a lot of time to spend with my friends.
A couple weeks later, the documents arrived in Jakarta, so I went there alone, and brought those documents to the embassy. I went there on Monday. I lined up in front of the embassy with my high heels on and stood up there for about 30 minutes, and when I was in fornt of the locket, they told me that I came in the wrong day. I supposed to go there on Tuesday or Friday. I got more upset. But, still tried to chill up.
I kept facing problems. But I kept praying so that God will strengthen me.
The next day, I went there and gave the documents to them.
One week later, they called me again and told me that I have to take DNA test. I was like, OH MY FREAKIN GOD!! What the hell are they talking about? They didn't believe me that I am my dad's daughter. Beuuhh..
So, I told my dad, and both of us took the test.
On June 2011, the result came out saying that 99.9% I am my dad's daughter.Well, OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!
Then, I waited. for another month. On August 6th I went back to Bali and the next day they called me to go to the embassy and give them my passport. I was soooo excited even I have to go back to Jakarta the next day.
And on Monday, I went to the embassy and they told my that my visa was going to be issued. I was like, thank God all of this is over. Thank you so much GOOODD!
Now, I'm already in USA and I'm thinking how amazing that was.
I kept thinking how come when I was about to graduate, I got the visa? It was like  a coincident.
I kept thanking God for things that happened to me this past years.

I do believe in miracle because it happened to me. But to a miracle happened, you have to have faith and keep praying. Because you won't know when it will happen.
Miracles happen everyday without you noticed it.
Do you believe in miracle?

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