Friday, January 20, 2012

"Homeless" and Houseless

House is the property where you live. 
Home is the people who are you living with.
People said that homeless is a person who doesn't have the place to stay.
Well, in my opinion that is so wrong. If people doesn't have place to stay, they are houseless. And homeless is a person who have a home but they don't have any families, or in short word, they are lack of affection.
There are lots of houseless people on the street. You can see sadness on their face, but you can also see their happiness sometimes. 
Those houseless people may not have house, but they sure do have fun and some happiness.
Those "homeless" people may has everything they need. House, car, job, education, money, you name it. There's only one thing that missing in their life, and that is love.

Sometimes I feel I'm homeless, because I spent most of my time alone.
Where is your dad? Where's your mom or your other family member?
The answer will be, "I don't know" 
They are busy with their own businesses. I don't know what the hell they are doing. The only thing that I know is that when I came back from church, they're gone, and I'm stuck alone at home from morning till night. How suck is that?!
I saw those houseless people. Sometimes they can be happier than me, they can smile for no reason. 
If I smile for no reason, people would say that I'm insane.
Sometimes I think that it's better houseless than homeless. Because you can buy a house when you have a job. But home? It's hard to have a perfect home and not being "homeless".
Once home is broken, everything started to fall one by one and end up like titanic ship.

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