Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy is when you see your friends :")

I live in a far far away land. Thousand miles from Bali, the place where I grew up and where my friends are.
I always sad when I knew they were hanging around together, went to the movies, or went to our high school. I didn't have that much time to enjoy Bali for the last time, because I got a lot of things to do to prepare for my departure to USA. Got to take care of this, and that. Brought this and that. Bought this and that. Those were the things I will need when it comes to summer time. And bla bla blaaa...
And when I got here, I realized that I'm ALONE. Yes, it's A-L-O-N-E.
I had no friends yet. My sister lives far from NYC. It takes a 4 hours of driving to reach to her place.
But, thank God that he made smart people who created social networking and video calling things.
I am so happy that I can still keep in touch with my friends. But kinda sad because I can't hang around with them anymore. I can't see them in person.
One thing that made me happy was when they have time to call me with video where I can see their face and hear their voices.
I am so happy when the time comes. Because you know, I'm alone. I had no one to talk to in here. So, by them video called me, I am SUPER happy.
It may seems stupid or something. When you're in my place, you would say the same thing.
No matter what people said about my feeling, all I can tell is that I am so happy that they still remember me, and willing to talk to me.
Maybe some are not willing to talk to me. But, hey, probably they are busy with their own bussiness. So, I'm cool with it.  Beside, I'm not their a-must-to-call person right now.
Later on, when I start school, I will always try to spare some of my time to call them.
Because without them, I will not be in this place and I will not have those special moments I had with them when I was in Bali.
I miss you so much guys :")

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