Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funny things about America

Every time I do SAT test and driving test, I always remember these 2 tv characters. One is Mr. Bean and the other named Spongebob. You guys of course know who they are. And after I said their names, you might know what I'm about to say.
First, did you ever watched Mr. Bean tv series where he attended final exam? Mr. Bean prepared like millions of pencils on his desk, he activated alarm, put a cat miniature, he also teased a guy who also took the test with him whose ability was in Calculus. When the test started, he took out the paper and got calculus sheet, he was shocked and he tried to cheat to his sit mate, but never succeeded. He was desperate. And then, he fell asleep until 5 minutes to the end of the test.
When the proctor shouted the 5 minutes warning, he got up and took out another piece of paper inside the envelope he received, and found out that it was trigonometry sheet. He put NOS in his self and began to answer all of the questions. But his pen didn't remove the ink. Aaaanndd, he took his sit mate's pen and kept on answering the questions. Even when the proctor told the student to stop writing, he kept on writing the answer, and finally when his clock rang, he threw the pen until it cracked the window, then he stopped writing.
The funny thing is, every time I did my SAT test, I was afraid I might end up like Mr. Bean who was very careless about his self. I was afraid if I would miss a sheet which can give me high score. But thanked God, I didn't happen to me. Beside, SAT test was not like Mr. Bean's test. The questions were all in one booklet. Probably they made it that way so the thing that happened to Mr. Bean won't happen to us ;) hahaha

Spongebob!! Who doesn't know Spongebob is. He is the funniest most stupid creature I have ever watched in the whole wide cartoons world. Hahaha. But beside his foolishness, he could also became so mellow dramatic that would made my tears came out.
Like one day, when he took driving test. And he crashed every thing on the street and made Mrs. Puff became puffy. Since that accident, Mrs. Puff always had a strange dream where Spongebob took driving test and crashed everything and made cops chased them and finally they crashed onto a truck contained cherry liquid or something, and Mrs. Puff got arrested for that. *Well, I think that was how the story going*
When I took my driving test for the third times, some of my friends said,"You have to pass this driving test. Don't let yourself become like Spongebob."
JLEB! That was kinda made me more nervous. How if I crashed to a tree? How if I didn't pass again? How if suddenly the cops became puffy? (The cops are the examiner) How if I have to go to driving school and I had to take care of that stupid egg? AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
I was freaked out. I tried to do my best. But, I DID NOT PASS THE TEST for teh THIRD TIMES!!
I was shocked. Because I didn't crash to a tree. I didn't make the cops puffy.
The the examiner handed me over a piece of paper which contains my score and my fault. And you know what they said? They said,"You have to take another driving class."
JLEB! I do not want to take that. It's better for me to practice more than to take care of that stupid egg like Spongebob did. Hahahaa

Those are 2 funny things I always think since I arrived in America.
You won't experience this feeling in my country. But when you got here, it seems like everything really feel and look like exactly what you watched on tv. The house, the people, the street, and the comedy which can be real if you didn't do it in a right way.

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