Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buy a pillow!

Buy a pillow!
I didn't mean it literally. It's just a parable which my dad told me about.
This is about a life lesson.
Buy a pillow means that we have to prepare our self before we fall down.
We use this parable for the rest of our life, not only once or twice.
My dad told me about this parable right when I'm about to go to college.
He said that before you do something, make sure you have a back up plan.
More specific, if I want to be a doctor, I of course have to go through pre-med school first. When I finished my first semester, I could go to nursing school, so that I would graduate pre-med and nursing school at the same time.
It sounds hard. But, behind all that, if I graduated as a nurse, I could work in a hospital. And by becoming a nurse, I would get salary. Nothing special about this one. But, what my dad said was just IF we have no money for me to continue to medical school, I already have a good job which gives me a good salary and so that I can go to med school after I collected enough money.

"Buy a pillow so when you fell down, your head won't hit the stone."
We have to have a back up plan so when we failed to do something we won't be so upset or mad.
Like when a family was very rich, they have to prepare for themselves when they have no money. They have to buy house first, cars, clothing, and give their kids a better education. What is that for? That's for when they bankrupt and have no money, at least they already have the place to stay without being confuse on moving from one place to another to find cheap apartment.
By already having house and cars, they are not falling to the ground and hit the stone. Because they are prepared.

"Buy a pillow so you will not be stress out."

Usually those people who fell down so hard and have no pillow, would be stress and became wild.
You don't want this to happen to you, right?
so, I suggest you to buy a pillow before you start making decision.
Buy a pillow before you move forward.
Buy a pillow before you fell down and hit your head to the stone.
Remember! Just be prepared. Because we will never know when we'll be at the top of the world and when we'll fall waaayy down to the ground.
It's better to be prepared than to be hurt by your own mistake.

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