Monday, January 16, 2012


Are they complicated? YES THEY ARE DUDE!!!
Sometimes they just pissed us off, aren't they? By what they said, what they did, or just by the way they stared at you.
Some of their words can hurt you so deep. Other words might touched your heart.
They acted like they are the controller of your life. They also acted like they are your heroes *indeed they are*
They spoke as if they knew everything. They told the truth to avoid us from falling to the same mistake.
There are ups and downs when we going out with our parents. 
We also get mad easily because sometimes they embarrassed us by what they wore and how they speak in public.
Sometimes we can be so proud of them, when they took care of us in front of our friends, and made them jealous :p
We can be so proud of them because they helped us with our homework, took us everywhere.
And the most proud thing they did was they became united and brought us to see this world.
Although parents sometimes made us mad or upset, just remember, WITHOUT THEM YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS WORLD!
Yes. We will never go to school. We will never go to the restaurant. We will never wear nice clothes. We will never know technology. We will never know internet. We will never drive car. We will never see what we see now. Why? Because WE WERE NEVER BORN.
We should thank our parents everyday and also give thanks to God for sending them for you.
And don't forget to make them happy when they're getting old.

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