Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I learned in this new country ..

"You're in America? Wow that's so cool dude!" Yeah, tell me about it.
"You live in New York? OMG! New York is freaking damn awesome." Yeah, I know.
America, awesome, of course. New York incredible, I know. But what is it about moving to a new place with new people and new weather? It may seems I'm lucky to be here *yes I am*, but sometimes I didn't feel that way.
Moving to a new place was my plan. But being in this kind of new place is not a part of my plan.
You know, everybody kept saying that moving to a new place is cool, awesome, fun, etc.
Well that's true and I'm strongly agree with that.
But being in a new place doesnt\'t mean that you can forget your hometown where you were born and grew up.
For about 3months I have been staying in this new place. Little by little I learned about how people live in here and I learned about their culture. They are sooooo much different than Indonesia.
In here, we can see people kissing on the street before the crossing the street. I was thinking,"What the hell are doing? Should you do that before you cross the street? What for?"
That was what I thought the first time I came here, but now I don't think like that anymore. Because I remembered that this is a free country. We can do anything we want but still have to obey the rule.
Other thing that I learned in this country is that police officers, fire department, and things like that are so care about people. They don't want people get hurt. There was one time when I was in a city called Flushing, there was a man laid on the sidewalk, and someone called 911, and they FDNY came straight to that place and took a look at that man. I didn't what happen next because I was scared.
And also, children are very protected in here, Once their parents slapped them, they could call 911 and they could sue their own parents. Cool huh? Yapp. Children is important to be taken care in here. Not like in my country though.
Not only in Indonesia, in here there are a lot of homeless people. I saw them in train, on the street, everywhere. I thought there are no such thing in America, but I saw with my own eyes that there are things like that. But the difference is that in America there are some places for them to stay where they can sleep at night, where they can eat there, and in the afternoon they are free to go anywhere as long as they go back to that house at night.
Those people who got unemployment, will get money every week, of course if they paid tax when they were working. Those unemployment people can get free courses so that later in they can get a new job with a better skill.
Awesome? yeah!!
After all, other countries might also have that minus thing. Even developed countries also have their homeless people. But developed countries took a good care of them.
When you travel to a new city or countrym don't just enjoy the places, but also study about how people live there and what their government do for homeless people, so that you can help your own country to move forward.

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