Friday, December 2, 2011

A story from an old lady in church

Every morning I go to daily mass at St. Bartholomew's Church.
I met an old woman. Her name is Rose.
Every Wednesday, we have refreshment after the morning mass. I was talking with my friend, Donna, when she came to us and joined our conversation.
As you know, she is old. I can tell that she is about 70 years old. Her face already wrinkled and she uses cane. Everyday she uses her red over coat and she sits in the front.
Anyway, she said that she lives by herself in a house and she is now sick. She has to go everywhere by herself, even to go to a doctor in Manhattan, while she's in Queens. She has to take train to get there by herself.
These couple of days, the wind is very strong. I am a person whose weight about 120 pounds, almost fell because of the wind, how about Rose? She is so so very very skinny.
She told us that the day before, she was about to cross the street when the strong wind came and it blew her, then she yelled,"Somebody, help me!! Help me to cross the street!"
Thanked God, there was a person who helped her crossing the street.
She also told us that the night before, her feet was bleeding with hole on it. She couldn't do anything. She was on the floor. She got no one to help her. SO, she was just looking at the blood and waited until it dried by itself.
I don't know if she was married or not. But she said, she lives alone.
I felt sorry for her. I can't believe none of her family member took care of her. At least before God took her. Because she said that everyday she yells,"God, please take me with you."
No one expect this to happen, but we never know God's plans for us.
Since our talked, I realized that I am so lucky that I still have my family who cares about me. And I still have both of my parents even though we're not in one house together yet-but soon we will.
I don't want my parents to be in her position when they're old. What kind of children would left their parents suffering from a disease alone?

To avoid that from happening, let us now lve our parents, our family, and our friends.
Without one of them we can't live. And we will have no one to hold on when we were in our hard condition.
Especially for your parents. Make them happy while you can see their smile. Make them laugh while you can still hear their voice. Don't let them suffering, instead give them a happy life in their old time.
Although it's hard, but you have to think about everything that they have done to you since you were in your mom's womb until today.
If one of your family member or someone you know is in a situation like Rose, don't be shy to help them, because by helping them, you collect rewards for your future. Means that in the future, when you can't help your parents when they are sick, God will send someone to accompany them. That's we call Karma. Believe me, there IS karma.
If you did good things, you'll get good karma.
If you did bad things, you won't get happy life but sadness.

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