Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recalling 'Oh My Lady'

I'm recalling my past. June 2nd, 2011 was the exact date. It was the most adventurous day I have ever been to.
That was the day of our 'OH My Lady' photo shoot.
Before that day, I asked permission from my mom, and she told me to ask my dad. And I asked my dad. At first he didn't let me because the place id kinda far and no one would drive me there. But then I said that mom would take me and my friend to that place. It was a lie. And I added another lie by saying that photo shoot thingy was about friendship, when the fact that it was about love story. So I lied twice and got the permission.
Right on the day, me, timmy, faniie, kevin, and kak eko gathered at Warungku, a small shack in front of our school. We prepared all things we need such as white roses, cameras, snacks, and some other stuffs. And then, we hit the road by motor bike with the sun shone so bright and it was so hot. But with the enthusiasm we had, we still went to the spot where we would take pictures.
The beach called tegal wangi and located at Jimbaran, Bali.
It was really really hot, your skin might get burned.
I changed my outfit into a simple white dress, while my partner wore a white shirt with black denim, and so we took pictures.
We started at about 1pm and finished. It at about 4pm.
After that, we went to McDonald for some late lunch. Then we went hone.
A couple days later, faniie, kevin, and kak eko uploaded their photographs. And you know what? They were A-MA-ZING!! I mean it. They blew me away and I did not believe it was me and timmy who were in that pictures.
Kevin also made a movie out of those pictures with Yiruma "Love Me" as theme song which is my phone ringtone until today.
And now, every time I watch that movie, I felt like I'm there right bow doing that photo shoot. Well, I miss the theme of that photo shooting, but mostly, I miss the time I spent with them and him. I almost cried every time I watch that video.
I miss that day so much. I love all thr pictures and I wish I can still use one of those pictures as my b display picture. Not that I hope something will come back, but in a certain pictures, I looked really good. But for some how, I prefer not to use them except if I could crop them.
The main point is that I miss that day and I wish we can do it again some other time in some other place and maybe with some other people as the model. I miss the adventure we have been through that day
And I would like to thank Timmy, faniie, kevin, and kak eko for counted me in in that day ({})