Thursday, December 8, 2011


Do you know what lonely is?
For me, lonely is when you felt everyone leave you alone. Although they seem around you, but you still feel you're missing something. Something that they usually give you, but they didn't give it to you right at the time. Something that is simple but means a lot for you. That thing is LOVE.
I'm not talking about love in relationship meaning, but I'm talking about love like caring and attention.
They might care, but they usually not giving you as much attention as they supposed to give.
It could be from your parents, family, relatives, and friends.
We experienced loneliness probably once or twice a month, or even more.
Lonely is an unpleasant feeling. It only makes you sad and wondered if there still anyone who loves you and wants you to be here.
For teenagers, they looked like they have a happy life, they enjoyed their life. But who know what's going on in his/her family. Maybe he/she came from a broken home family, or at home him/her parents don't treat them like what they hope. No one knows, because the smile on their face hid their problems.
Some of these teenagers hang out with their friends to be happy, but still, when they came home, they got sad because they had to see and feel the bad atmosphere in their house.
Some might hang on in that condition, some are not.
Those who can't hold it much longer, would run away from their home, started a new street-life, took drugs, and became criminals.
There is not one parents wanted that thing to happen to their child. But, sometimes parents don't understand what their own kid's feeling. They usually want us to walk on the path which they have made for us. They didn't let us walk on our own path which we built on our way growing up.
There are sooooo many cause for feeling lonely. This is only one of them, missed communication with parents.
We still have friends though, right? But do you think your friends will always be there for you? Well, they will, but they also have their own life to take care off. They can only give you half or a quarter of their time to listen to you, and the rest they give it for their own life and their own problems.
Parents are the only people who should be able to be there for us, to listen to our stories, to help us solving our problems, and to be our best friends. However, not all parents can be like that. They are busy with their job and we can't blame them for that because they do that for us too. It is a complicated situation which leads to complicated emotion. We want to be mad at them, but in the other side, without them we can do nothing, and we won't even appear in this world.
In my opinion and my experiences, the only way to get rid of this loneliness is talk to your parents that you need more attention from them. It should be working if you say it to them in a sweet mouth way. Beside, if we felt uncomfortable with the situation, we won't be able to focus in our studies, works, and we won't be able to move forward. If we stuck in this condition, we will just stuck here with going no where. The only place we're headed is God's home. Because no happiness means no education means no job means no money means no food means sick means death.
It's up to you whether you want to speak up about what you feel, or just stay quiet and keep the pain in your chest.

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