Friday, December 2, 2011

It's just amazing ...

It's amazing how love can affect your daily mood.
It's amazing how can be closer with someone in just weeks and started to fall for each other.
It's amazing when you fell in love, you never get stress.
It's amazing a smart girl can be foolish because of love.
It's amazing that a blink from your eyes, melted my heart.
It's amazing how exaggerated I was when I saw you from the distance.
It's amazing for a girl like me to be yours.
It's amazing when you hugged me, I didn't need jacket anymore.
It's amazing that with anything you said can make me laugh out loud.
It's amazing that our pictures turned out awesome, even we're not a professional model.
It's amazing how you can speak right through my heart without saying a word but smile.
It's amazing how the story ended.
It's amazing that you, as a boy, cried that day.
It's amazing how you made promises but never kept it, even one.
It's amazing that you always there for your friends instead for me.
It's amazing that no matter you said, I always believed in you.
It's amazing when people said we were perfect for each other, but then we broke up.
It's amazing how I am still in love with you after you dumped me.
It's amazing how you easily got into my heart but so hard to get out from it.
It's amazing that you said you'd hold on and stay, when the fact was you left.
It's amazing that you said you can, but you can't.
It's amazing that my tears always came out when I saw our pictures.
It's amazing that you are irreplaceable in my heart.
It's amazing that my mind always recalled our memories.
It's amazing how I can stand still when I saw you walked away.
It's amazing that I said I can move on, while I can't.
It's amazing how you lifted me up and threw me down
It is just amazing how I still feel your presence and your hug until today.
But it is so weird that I still hoping for you to come back when I knew you have got a new replacement for me.
And it is not my dream to get back to your arms, because I know I won't.
Amazingly, those amazing things are not easy to be forgotten for me. How about you? Is it easy for you?

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