Sunday, December 11, 2011

I miss my mom like I never did before

Saturday, December 10th, 2011, I went to a mall with Jessica and her mom. It was the fist time I met her mom. We went to the mall o find Jessica a new shoes. As I stood up looking around for shoes that would match Jessica's feet, I saw her and her mom laughing and teasing each other when Jessica fit a pair of shoes to her feet. I smiled. Why? Because I remembered the time when I used to shop with my mom in Centro or SS or some where else. I was also liked to tease my mom or upset at her because she didn't bu me a thing that I liked. But I would be very happy when she bought something that was very gorgeous or something that I want.
I almost cried remembering that. I missed those time I spent with my mom, just window shopping or go from one restaurant to another.
Also there was a time when I wanted something but she didn't let me buy it, I started to be mad at her, ignored her along the way, and on our way home, we would have a "serious" talk which sometimes made me yelled at her and cried. Haaaaa great times, great times..
Seriously, I admit it that I was jealous with her. I miss shopping with my mom.
When Jessica tried a clothe, her mom would come inside the fitting room and looked at her, it was the same like my mom used to do.
I also miss the time when I wanted to buy something and my mom had to compare it from one store to another store too.
I was soo jealous that I would cry. But I am happy for her, because it has been along time for her not seeing each other that much time.
I just wish that soon, I will have that moment back. The moment when I spend shopping time with my mom and I wouldn't missed it again.

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