Friday, November 25, 2011

When you can't go home .....

Can you tell me how does it feel like when you actually want to go home, but none of your parents give permission to you or no one expected you to go home?
That is so something when it happens. Why not? When you miss you home like so much, but you can't go there even though you have the money and you have the free time to go there, how does that feel?
I won' write this if I don't have the experience. And yes, it happens to me, right now!
I'm dying to go home, but I can't. My parents said that it's just a waste of money to spend thousand of dollars for 3 weeks vacation. In my opinion, when you miss your hometown and friends so much, you will do anything for that even it cost a lot. Don't you agree with me?
I looked like a spoil brat. But this condition makes me wanna go home soon.
I can't stand it anymore. Too much "things" going on in here that made me frustrated days by days. About school, friends, to family.
The family part is the worst one yet. How can you be in the most wonderful amazing incredible city in the world without your complete family? How can you enjoy the beauty of the city by yourself? To whom will you share your happiness along 5th avenue? And how can you express how blessed you are to be here, when you felt you were forced to be here? Now, that's a waste of time. Wasting time by doing nothing and being upset every single day in here.
Blog, twitter, bbm, might help. But is that enough?
STRESS. That's what I feel, and most of you if you're in my position will actually feel the same.

Though you live in a beautiful, amazing, incredible, and most wanted city to visit, but if you never had happinessm what is that for? It's NOTHING!
From where you are to your real home, can be so far far faaaarrr away. Distance is the one you can blame on. Because of it, you have to miss it so bad.
Do you know why you miss your hometown so bad? Because you can't find the same friends in the new place.
Home is always the best place to stay, no matter it's not as perfect as the city you live in now.
If you are ready to go, just hit the start button, book a ticket, pay it, and fly to your home.
No matter how far you are or where ever you are, home always opens the door for you. It won't kick you out. Because the true happiness is in your home.

Be strong for those who miss their home so bad. Cause I miss mine too.

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