Sunday, November 13, 2011

There's always a reason behind a smile ..

Happiness expressed with a smile. A smile which came from your lips. A smile which can also make others smile along with you. A smile which is incredible for changing a person's mood.
A smile doesn't always mean that you're happy. A smile doesn't always show what's in your heart.
You can fake a smile. It might look sincere but the truth that it's fake.
Sometimes you have to keep smiling, so that other people won't see your sadness and won't feel your sadness.
That's a generous thing to do, although it hurts you so bad.
Okay. Enough about the sad things. I wanna talk about the happy things.
You know that every single smile you saw from people around you has reason, right?
They might smile because they just got salary or got accepted in school or got a new job or their friends text/do something hilarious. After all, there's gotta be a reason for that smile.
But as long as I've been a teenager, some of my friends who can never stop smiling, amazingly have the same reason, which is falling in love or they just met their "crush".
Well, that's true because that's also the reason why I smile.
How amazing right? Just by seeing or meeting someone, suddenly you smiled and you might acting like a lunatic.
It's kinda embarrassing when it happened when you walk by yourself on the street. You'd spread your smile to everyone who passing through or you'd smile and laughing and looking at your phone at the same time.
Yap! That's what love can do to you.
Honestly, I would smile when you appeared in my mind. You e the reason for this smile. And you are the one who have to responsible for my awkward act, which made people staring at me, thought that I'm lost.
Yeah, I am lost. Lost in your heart. And I couldn't find the way out because I don't want to.
(stop stop stop. we're out of track)
I just want to say and to admit that every smile which you saw in everyone's face has a reason. No matter what it is, it's gotta be a good reason.
And for me, you are the reason why I can smile even when I'm sad or even when I'm facing a very very tough challenge. But since you were there, I still can smile.
Because your smile is contagious. Every time I saw you smiling at me or just smiling, my lips got pulled and I smile.
Like what Justin Bieber said,"When you smile, I smile."
So, stand still in front of me, keep your smile, and make me smile along with you for the rest of my life.
If there's no you, there's no smile. If there's you, there will be joy fills my day.

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