Saturday, November 26, 2011


The sky is blue.
It is a sunny wonderful day to face this world
Then, heavy cloud appear changed that beautiful blue sky
What happened? Is it gonna rain or is storm coming?
Weather channel can't predict it and so do I
I can only watch the sky as it turns from blue to grey
And it's getting darker every minute
In just seconds, water falling from the sky
Not too hard at first
But the next couple of minutes, it became heavy rain with wind

I, who was standing on the side walk with umbrella in hand, suddenly cried
Watching water fell from the sky, remind me of my childhood, which was the happiest moment in my life
As the wind kept blowing the falling leaves, I could feel my hometown's wind
The smell of wet soil reminded me of the time when I played in the rain without sandals, while both my parents watched me from the house's terrace

As the rain kept falling, I still stuck in my past, and there was nothing I can do except enjoy it

I grew up and turned into a beautiful young lady who now lives in the moat beautiful city in the world
It is a new place for me
New atmosphere, new people, new shopping destination, and new life
Living in this new life, made me feel grateful, yet sad
The same happiness couldn't be found in this new place
The new people are not as friendly as my hometown's

I've been told to try to adapt with this kind of condition
I tried. I stumbled. I fell
I couldn't stand up
I stayed on the ground waiting for someone to help me stand up
I've tried to stand up by myself
But I couldn't
I kept falling and stayed at the same spot
Though I got help, I don't know if I had strength to stand up or not

Problems kept coming when I started enjoying this place.
I tried to solve it
But it never solved
I'm trying to be strong
Strong to face those problems
Strong to live this kind of life
Strong to face the truth
I kept my faith in God
I knew He won't let me walk alone in this harsh world

Though sometimes I failed on facing the world, I always trying to move and make changes with how I think
World is a game and a war
It is how I can survive it when I got no one to hold except God

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