Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Difference between a kid and a young adult

When you were a kid, did you ever think about what will happen the next day? Or did you ever think about how to earn money?
Nope! You were absolutely don't. When you were a kid, you were only thinking about happiness, playing, and just having fun.
You never knew how hard it is to get money. You didn't know how hard your life was.
You got everything you want just by asking without knowing where the mone came from.
When you were a kid, you got nothing in your mind. All in your mind was all about games.
You didn't even have time to think about the next or what you will do for the next day.
But of course, you will not always be a kid. You grew up, you became a teenager, and then a young adult.
A young adult has more responsibility. Being a young adult is one hard thing to do. People started to trust you to do something. And they always hoped you can be a responsible adult soon.
The process to became a young adult was the hardest. You have to think about how to get a job so that you can stay alive and buy things you want. You started getting troubles day by day and you have to face it alone. Not that no one wants to help you, it was just because they thought you were strong enough to handle it since you already in a young adult category.
Then, when you looked at your chilhood pictures, you started thinking how happy you were.
You have no burden that day, and now you have thousands of them.
You have nothing to worry about, and now you worry about everything.
Nothing could make you stress, and now every little thing caused back effect for you.
Your parents loved you so much, they didn't let you do hard things, they held you really close as if they wouldn't see you again. But now, they still love you, but the way they expressed it is so much different.
A young adult title that you have now, doesn't guarantee you to have a better life.
Young adult period is the most important thing in your life. It is when you discovered who you are and what will you be..

Childhood is the happiest part of our life. No pain, no stress, there was just nothing. We got happiness every day.
Young adult period is the best part of life. Because you got to know others and started to fall in love. But, there are pain, worries, stress. Less happiness, more sadness.
I don't know what else should I write.
I just want to admit that my childhood was the best and I wish I could go back and stay as a kid.
Or I can live my life as a young adult but I want my family treat me the way they did before.

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