Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear You ...

Dear you,

Babe, I know it's hard for us to get back together again. It is hard to act like there was nothing going on between us. And I also know that you hate me because all of those things I said the other day.
Sometimes I hate you too. But for some reason, it made me miss you a lot more.
I miss all those days when we were going out together. I couldn't explain all the things I miss about us. Cause there are too much.
Oh sweetheart, I wanted you to know, even though we are like what we are now, I wanted you to treat me nicely, as what you did before you were mine. It is hard, but like what everyone said,"If you try, you can achieve." Can you try it? At least, do this for our friendship. Just for our friendship. Forget that I was yours. Forget that "I" used to be "us". Forget those beautiful things that happened between us. But do not forget, before we were together, we were friends-close friends. Why now we can't be friends as we were?
My love, now I know how does lonely feels. It is so much worst than when we were fighting or when I made you upset. My friends always tried to cheer me up, I laughed or smiled, but then it fade away. Since that day, I never get the same happiness as I got from you. I'm suffering everyday. I'm waiting. Waiting for you to come back, which I know it would never happen.
I'm still waiting ....
Waiting for a miracle that can makes us get along.
Can you feel the loneliness, my love??
Darling, there's nothing else I could say. I don't know how to express how much I miss you. If I got a wish, I wouldn't wish you to be mine, because I knew you wouldn't come back to me. Instead, I would wish for you to be nice to me and stay close to me all the time.

Kiss n hug,
with Love ~

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