Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be Brave to speak up!!

I believe most of you who read this are still young, and so do I.
We are young. We still living under the shadow of our parents. We still need them to pay for our education. We need them to buy us things. We need them when we're falling down.
We need them in every occasion of our life, when were young until we're marriage and have kids and stuffs like that.
But now, we need them, big time!
Because of it, they want us to listen to all what they said and follow what their rules and be what they wanted us to be. Isn't that right?
Like those who go to college. Maybe about 50% of them, went to college and took a certain major because their parents asked them to do that. Their parents wanted the best for them without thinking how they felt. Even they hated it, they still going. They wanted to make their parents happy even though it hurts their feeling. So, they kept what they feel inside their heart and did what their parents asked without saying anything.
Not just about education. Some of us also don't say what we felt and what we want to our parents.
There are so many reason about it. Probably we were scared, or we thought our parents might get mad if we ask something, or we predicted that they will not give us what they want, etc.
For example, when you and your family went for a picnic and one of your parents invited a person who always pissed you off, then your parents asked you to be nice to them. It means you have to pretend, right? Which leads you to make sins all day long you spent with them. You wanted to talk to your parents that you hate that person, but you were scared. You predicted that your parents might be mad to you, not to that person.
Most of us, teenagers, can sometimes afraid of what will happen if we say something. Well, everything have risks. If you do the right thing, you'll get good result. If you do the bad thing, therefore you will the risk(s).
By saying the truth, expressing what you feel, and telling them what you hate, can help your parents understand you a lot more.
And yes, you were afraid when you're going to say what you really feel. But if you didn't do that, you will feel the pain in your chest.
My suggestion: when ever you want to say the truth to your parents, but your heart started racing and you felt scared, just give a challenge to yourself. Tell yourself that if you didn't do this you will regret.
Believe it or not, it worked for me. I tried that several times, and I was brave to speak up.
We may be young and still live under their roof. But we have right to speak up and to deny what they want.
Be brave to all teenagers and to those who still afraid to speak up and to stand up.
If you don't do it, you won't know when the second chance is gonna be.

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