Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You don't know when you'll die

You do know that we can die anytime, don't you?
Yes, that is creepy but also correct.
No one knows when God will take you to his place. It can be today, tomorrow, next month, next year, or even just right about now.
You can die because you have been sick for a long time, or you just got sick, or a sudden death.
Die because of sickness is an usual things. A sudden death is also usual but it rarely happens.
Who knew that when you were hanging out with your friends, suddenly you just passed away.
Who knew when you are eating or walking down the street, suddenly you faint and when a doctor check you up, they found out that you're dead?
There is not one human knows about it. That's all in God's hand. He is the one who decide when is the right time for you to leave and to let go of your life.
Sudden death can happen in any type of people. Rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, smart, geek, people, celebrities, president, all of them, without exception.
You can't buy a long lasting life.
If you want a long lasting life, what you have to do is pray. Pray to God so that He would give you a long lasting life.
Simply, be a good person who helps without asking for rewards, who care about others even strangers.
And if God said,"Stay alive." then you will stay alive until an undetermined time limit. Maybe for another 5 months, 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years, we don't know.
From now, when you still have a chance to breathe, do as many good things as you can.
Such as, helps those homeless, forgive those who apologize, apologize when you have to, ask mercy to God for ll of your sins.
Since we don't know how long we will live in this world, spend as much quality time as you have with your family, friends, and your beloved one. Cause you won't know when will be the last moment for you to see them and for them to see you and to hear your voice.
Make everything wonderful before you have to "leave".
Right now, if you got a lot cash, enjoy it. Because Lady Gaga said," Cause you can't buy a house in heaven."
That is completely correct and true! How can you buy a house in heaven? How can you bring your gold to heaven? Nope! You can't bring it. You are not allowed to bring anything when you are die. You will only bring your soul, while your body will be covered by shroud inside a coffin, and the rest, stays where they are.
So, instead of you keeping those money for your self to buy anything useless, you should donate some of them for the poor, or to an organization, or to an orphanage.
When you still have your cash, share it, because they will pray for you and you will receive more than what you gave. But if you keep it for your self until the hour of your death, you won't get enough prayer to help you get into heaven.
What you have now is not immortal, it's temporary. Once you're dead, it will useless.
Do something useful with what you have now.
Like Kris Allen said,"Live like we're dying."
Enjoy every moment in your life. Because you don't know when the time will runs out.

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