Friday, October 28, 2011

What if today is your last day

Have you ever think when you walked and you suddenly fall and die?
Or, when you felt really healthy and you got sick in sudden and die?
Or even when you asleep then your family found you dead in your bedroom?
Not to scare you, but those kind of things might happen, don't you think?
Yes, we don't know when it will happen. But did you ever had a flash in your mind of what are you going to do if that day will be your last day to live?
Though you don't know when that is, you have to be prepare.
What I'm trying to say in here is enjoy your life while you can.
Like what my mom said, if you have money, use them. Don't be hesitate to use it. Cause when you die, it would be useless unless you donate them.
But, enjoying your life doesn't always mean spend all of your money on buying things, or visit every cities of the world. Instead, just have some fun in where you are right now.
Use your money, but don't waste it too much. Use little by little, so that when the time comes, it all run out perfectly. Hahahaha
This might be crazy, but you have to do craziest thing before you died. Cause when you become a spirit, you can never do those exciting things, right?
I read a book about the list that you have to do before you die. And it was so out of my mind. But, I kinda agree with that.

Not only fun things, doing charity things before you die is a must.
Whether you die today or the next 50 years, if you started charity right now, you collect blessing more and more day by day. Those blessing might brings you to heaven and an eternally life in heaven.
Doing charity with declaration is nothing. Why should you do charity if the reason is to make you famous? It won't lead you to heaven but hell.
Not trying to act goodie-goodie, but I just want to give all of you advise. These might not the best, but these are the least I can do. Because I know that I am a sinful person, who needed to ask mercy from God so that He will take me along with him.
Life is about happiness and sacrifice. Life is not always about money and fame.
When you smile, you bring happiness to those who saw it. When you sacrifice of what you have, people will pray for you.
When your life always depends on money and fame, it would be hard for you to be with God in heaven. Unless you use that money to help those poor and you use your fame to build a charity organization which helps those people who suffered from disaster.
Richness can't buy you a ticket to enter heaven. But rich with good heart and always helping, will guarantee you to get a nice spot there, in the heaven.
There are nothing left I can say. I just want you all to change your bad habit and start to be a good person.
Let me say it again. You will never know when you're gonna die.
If today is your last day, what will you do? Are you going to do the same thing, like hurting someone's feeling, or brag about your fortune? Oh, puh-lease! forget about those things. You won't bring those to heaven with you. They are just a temporary happiness. The real happiness is when you see people around you smile because of you.
Rich in this world, doesn't mean that you will also be rich in heaven.
If you still want to live like the way you are right now, think twice.
Your life, your decision. Heaven? or Hell?

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