Saturday, October 15, 2011

No one will look like you

Everyday we met different kind of people.
Different ethnic, different language, and different attitudes.
Even when you met a twin, they are different. Their appearance might be the same, but their characteristic are not.
In this whole wide world, there are billions of people. Amazingly, there is no one has the same personality with the same face.Yeah, those are God creation.
But, have you ever think if there is someone out there look really like you inside and out? Won't you be upset? Who won't? It just suck knowing there is someone out there copying your appearance, right?
That won't happen though. Not even in a million years.
You are you. No one can be you.
You have your own personality.
You are the only one who knows how your mind works.
You are the maker of your appearance.
There are many people out there. The same thing is only your gender. Other than that, nothing.
Someone will always be prettier than you.
Someone will always be smarter than you.
Someone will always be better than you.
But no one in this world will be you.
There's gotta be anyone out there who misses you now, who always think about you; who always hope you to be around; and who wanted to be yours.
Yes, there is. You might not found it now. But soon you wil found out who that is.
Thus, do not ever regret to be who you are. Because you are different and you are extinct.

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