Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowing everybodeeehhhh

October 29th, 2011.
I was online with my mom when suddenly my dad came to my room and told me to look at the window.
And do you know what I found?? SNOW!!
It might be stupid, but this is my first time to see the real snow. Snow that come from the sky. Snow that being sent by angels from heaven *halah*
Oh my God! I was so freakingly excited. I put my mom on hold and I wore jacket and stuff.
Then, me and my dad went outside with my laptop also. I showed my mom the condition outside.
Oh maaann that was totally cool. I never knew that I will feel this. I will see the snow. And now, I SEE IT!! \m/
Although it was so damn cold, but my body was warm. The thing is tt my hands were not that warm. So, it was kinda makes me feel not very comfortable.
How am I suppose to take pictures? First, my hands were frozen and my camera has no waterproof silicon. bbffff
But with my dad right there, he took some of my pictures and I took some of him, and I also captured the condition around me.
Snow is so damn cool and cold everybodeeehhh.
Even it's very cold and freeze you, but you will never be able to miss out the fun.


  1. OMG!!
    soo coooo... and cold exactly..
    hahahahaha :D
    brey,, kok km tamabah cantiikkk??:-*

  2. yes it is. hahah
    Aaaa maiiaa, maacii xD
    tapi,tidak kah kamu menyadari aku tmbah gndut mar?? T_T

  3. ha?? masa? bukan gara" baju yang kamu pake?? kalo diliat dari muka g gendut kok :D

  4. krna bajunya sih iya.. tapii hmm brasa tmbah gndut aja. muahahhahah xD