Sunday, October 30, 2011

Melody of a piano

Piano is a musical instrument, which is kinda popular in the world. It is very popular as an aid to rehearsal or composing. Both of your hands have to take part so that the piano will have a melody.
Playing piano is not easy. You have to be able to balance both of your right and left hands so that they can create a  beautiful tone.
By balancing both of your hands, beside giving a beautiful tone to hear, you also help your left and right brain to be balance.

Melody that came from piano is gentle and soft, in what ever kind of music.
No wonder if a person who plays piano usually has a calm soul and romantic personality.
Girls usually love a boy who can play instrument, such as piano, guitar, drum etc.
Most of the girls like guys who play piano. They said it is romantic. 
Beside romantic, guy who plays piano sometime is nice, kind, and sweet. 
Since a piano is so big, he can't carry it with him, like guitar. Instead, if they were in an event where there's a piano, the guy would play the piano, sing a song, and ask the girl to sit next to him to sing a long with him.
When he played the piano, she can hear the melody which came up from his fingers.
That melody is magical. It made her feel special and it lifted her up.
Doesn't has to be a song, instrumental music will came up very sweet with piano.

After all, what ever kind of instrument he uses, any genre of music he plays, and every song he sings, girl will love it if he asks us to sing a long with them, and we love it when he plays it only for us and in front of us.
Music makes love grow between a girl and a guy. It could lead a friendship to a relationship because the magic of the melody that came piano's tones it self.
It could changes the girl's thought about the guy. And started think twice for being with him.
When it happened, that girl will not be able to stop smiling all day long.

*maaf bahasa agak kacau*

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