Thursday, October 27, 2011

Me & Mom

My mom is an extraordinary person. She dated my dad 20 years ago, then they got married, and there she gave me birth in Kasih Ibu Hospital in Teuku Umar, Bali.
Both of them raced me with love and care. They give me everything I asked. They took me to travel with them from city to city with our beloved old car.
I went to kindergarten. My mom drove me to school, waited for me from morning until noon, while my dad was working in Radison.
2 years later, I went to elementary school. She still drove me to school everyday. But she wasn't wait for me anymore. I was spending 6 years of my life in elementary school and when I was in 5th grade, my dad decided to work in U.S.A. It was very tough for us. Especially for me because I would stay with my mom until an undetermined time. We were all crying when we took dad to the airport.
Then I graduated from elementary school and went to junior HS.
My mom helped me in everything, She helped me applied for the school, did the payment, and all other things that I should have done alone. But she took care of it without me getting involved.
3 years in my junior HS, I got a lot of fight with her, we yelled at each other because of silly problems. I gained a lot of weight. And I think that was the reason.
Then, I graduated from junior HS and started looking form high school. And again, she took care of all of that because my dad wasn't there.
Before the school started, I asked her whether she would give me permission to go to the gym to lose some weight. She agreed. She took me to the gym every afternoon. She helped me control my appetite. And in just months, I lost about 15kg.
Since that, I was easily get sick. Every time I ate a not clean food, I got sore throat then my body's temperature increased, then got sick. She took me to the doctor even hospital. She wasn't get any time for sleep while I'm sick. She completely give her self to take care of me.
After I recovered, every morning before she dropped me to school, I took a shower and she fed me with a food that she bought in the earliest morning. She did that because she didn't want me to get sick again.
What ever I asked to her, she gave it to me. When I need something, I bought it for me. When I was in high school student orientation, she went from Denpasar to Gianyar to find plasyic ropes for me.
She sacrificed so much for me when I was a teenager.
I still remember all of those things that she had done to me, while I always made her frustrated even cried for the night.
I miss her so much right now. There is no one who helping me to apply to a university. No one accompanied me to visit school-to-school.
Now I regretted everything I had done to her. I wish I could turn back the time when I yelled at her or said bad things about her.
And now that I;m far away from her, I felt more guilty for those things. I wish she could come here as soon as possible. I wanted her to celebrate Christmas right here with me and dad in USA.
When I still in Bali and hang out with my friends, she called me every half an hour, and I got pissed. But now, if she didn't call me via skype, I would be pissed.
I saw the difference now. I need her more than I think I do. I love her more than before. And I miss her more than I ever been.
My dad used to be the one who wasn't there when my birthday. On my 18th birthday, that's my mom's turn. I really really hope I can celebrate Christmas 2011 with my mom and dad as a complete family here in USA and I want to start college with my mom also beside me.
Oh mom, I am so sorry for not teaching you how to use email, blackberry, facebook, and even how to use phone browser. I realized that that was my biggest mistake. But as soon as you're here, I will teach you about all of that. I will tell you all my secrets, about my crush, and about every little things about me.
I will try to make you happy as what you did to me. But if I go first then you, then I am sorry.
I miss you mom, so much :(


  1. kita sama. sampe SMA cuman sama mama :'>
    tapi mamaku ga kyak kak aubrey dan jauh banget. dia ga pernah bantu aku nyari sekolah buat SMP juga SMA..aku nyari sekolah sendiri daftar sendiri. aku ngadepin sakit sendiri...kata mama aku harus biasa bisa aja mama sewaktu waktu ga bisa nolongin aku untuk least aku ngertiin itu.
    kita punya cita cita yg sama di umur 18 aku juga bermimpi pengen ngelewatin malam natal bersama mama dan papa :'>

  2. memang ga semua mama itu sama. At least kita masih bisa menikmati masa remaja kita sama mama tanpa papa.
    SKarang smogaaaaa kita bisa rayain natal tahun ini lengkap sama mama+papa. Amin.