Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If can't forget the one who got away, can you love the one you're with ?

This novel was written by Emily Giffin.  She also wrote Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof.
In this book, she wrote about a woman, named Ellen. She is a photographer. A famous one. She used to date a man called Leo. She had amazing experiences with Leo. She knew every single thing about Leo and his family and so does Leo. When she was in so much love with Leo, suddenly he broke up with her for no reason, He said that she might not be the one. After he said that, he left. Ellen was so upset and definitely sad. She didn't want that to happen. She didn't want their story to end just that. But, what can she do except accept it.
She had a best friend named Margot. Margot has a brother, Andy. He is handsome, nice, and their family is-well- a high class family.
She fell in love with him not because his richness. But because his attitude and his sweetness. Finally, they were going out together.
Years after that, they got married. For some reason, Ellen was so lucky to have a husband like Andy.
Their marriage ceremony was awesome. Their honeymoon was in Hawaii. They kinda a lucky couple. A who-can-get-anything couple just by asking. Hahaha
Then, the day came, when Ellen got a call. She answered it and the caller said hello. Ellen was amazed by that voice. She wasn't expected to hear that voice. Leo's voice.
For years she had not seeing him or even hear his voice. And when it happened, she was speechless. 
She was happy but yet her heart was racing. She calm her self down and started to talk normally.

A couple weeks later, she got another call from Leo. Leo offered her a job to take photo shoot for Drake Watters. She said yes, and the work started.
She spent the whole day with her sister, Drake Watters, and of course Leo-without Andy knowing about it.
Since that day, she felt the same feeling again. She felt like she going back in time when she still with Leo. All those memories suddenly just appear when she met Leo, she hang out with him, and when she was his girlfriend.
After shoot, she still stuck in the past. Her mind and heart wanted to get back with Leo, but her condition made it impossible. It was certainly a difficult emotion and condition.
Days after days, she still thinking about Leo. She's married to Andy, but her heart still fill with Leo.
Another couple of weeks later, Leo called her again and asked to do some photo shoot for another session. The second photo shoot section took place in Coney Island where Ellen had to shoot some pictures of beaches and people around there.
Oh ya, Ellen lived in Atlanta that time.
One day before her departure to NY, Leo called Ellen when she was in Margot's house. After they hung up, Margot appeared. She asked Ellen what was going on. Ellen explained it to her.
Margot got upset. She thought that Ellen was gonna cheat over his brother. She threatened Ellen to tell Andy about that photo shoot. Ellen was confuse. She wanted to tell, but in the other hand, she was afraid that Andy would be mad at her.
At that night, when she was in bed with Andy, she started to talk. She told Andy that the photo shoot will be with Leo, her ex. Andy shocked, upset, and leave. He left a note on a post-it card and put it on the fridge, said "IF YOU GO< DON'T COME BACK."
Naahh, Ellen got confused even more. She promised Leo to be there and to do that photo shoot. She was going to cancelled it. But the next morning, she flew to NY, to Leo's place.
On the photo shoot day, she went to Coney Island with Leo. She shot some pictures of beach and children around there. In the evening, they went back home and sat down on a couch in Leo's living room. They were talking as usual. Then, Leo said that a year after they broke up, he came back to see her, to apologize and to get back together. But the fact was when he went back, Ellen was dating Andy and about to get married. He stayed beside Ellen and Andy's apartment. But he was hesitate to speak to her. He just let it go.
Ellen didn't know it until Leo said that. Leo also said that Margot knew about he came back. But Margot didn't tell Ellen. She was so mad, both with Leo and Margot.
Ellen was looking out at the window, then Leo held her hand to her waist. His face getting closer to her nose. Their forehead touched. And he kissed her for a second but she refused it.
Ellen said she couldn't because she is married to Andy. 
She said good bye, and thanked Leo for the day, and left.
She took a cad to Queensboro. But then, she decided to go to her old apartment.
She arrived. She got out of the cab, she stood in front of it, and looked up at her used-to-be apartment when the first time she lived with Andy. Then, she took her cell and called Andy, asked where he was and asked if he miss her.
While she was talking with Andy, there was a cab slowing down and stopped in front of her and a man came out from there. It was Andy. He came all the way from Atlanta, took the earliest flight to fly to NY to look for Ellen. He found her. He hugged her.
Ellen's heart was pounding. She was afraid if their marriage might end up because of her. She asked whether Andy hates her or not. And he said that he could never hate the one he loves.
Then, they got into cab and looking or hotel.
In the end, she realized that Andy is the best. Andy is the one for her. Even Andy can never be Leo, but Andy is her husband. And she loves him so much.
Her past is just a past. It can never come back.

The conclusion is that if you are in love with someone, keep your relationship sweet. If you let them go easily, you will just regret it in the future.
When you're in a new relationship, just enjoy it. Do not stuck in your past. Because it will not lead you forward and everyday you will regret for what you have done in the past.
You may think that your past is the best for you. But who knew that the one you're with is your destiny?

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