Saturday, October 29, 2011

I used to be fat

Junior High school, class of 2008.
That was the most painful 3 years of my life. I was F-A-T!!
That day I was 78 kg and 5 feet 5 inches tall. Can you imagine that? I was so freaking big like a 4 legged whale.
My size was 16 for tops and 36+ for bottoms.
I wasn't that big before I went to JHS. 
As I remember, I think it started when my dad left me to go to USA and I got depressed.
I ate every minute. I never stopped chewing.
Every Saturday of the week, after me and my mom went from church, we stopped by at Bali Bakery to eat. I usually ate sirloin steak or spaghetti carbonara and tiramisu  for the dessert. 
If my mom forbid me to go there, I would call my dad and tell him about that. Hooeehh! No wonder my body got bigger and bigger.
That day, I can never drink hot water or mineral water. I have to drink cold water or 2 big glasses of ice tea with a lot of sugar on the bottom.
I was a mess!
I wasn't thinking about gain any weights, or think about how I look, until my friends tease me.
On 9th grade, that was my senior year in JHS, one of my friend said,
" Some day, when we gather for a reunion, we SHOULD make a door that can fit only for those slim girls."
 OH MY GOD! Her statement was so something.
Since that day, I made a small move which led me to a big move.
I changed the way I ate. And when I graduated from JHS, when we got that 1 month holiday, I took a gym class. I exercised almost everyday. I only ate once a day. I ran around my living room, ended up with skipping and push-up in front of my tv.
And my passion became hotter when I watched a show called "THE BIGGEST LOSER"
My heart was racing. I talked to my self, "They can be slimmer, why can't I?"
Then, I exercised so much more than before. I pushed my self very hard to achieve my goal.
I also put some pictures of skinny girls on my bedroom's wall. You noticed it or not, by seeing that, you will get jealous of them and you will do anything to be like them.
And that's... completely correct and works.
For about 6 months, I lost a total of 24kg. That was massive. 
I was soooo skinny when the first semester in HS. I was so proud of my self.
My size for tops was 10 and bottoms 12. 
I maintained my eating behavior strictly. Then the next 2 months, I lost another 2 kg.
But my mom was freaked out and told me to gain another 2kg.
Beuuhh that was suck. But what she said was true. I was too skinny and looked like a sick person.

This is my transformation :

time: masa suram, jaman gak enak)

(masa bahagia, jaman SMA)

Now, my size is 8 for tops and 10 for bottoms
Not trying to brag, but do you see the transfiguration, transformation, and the difference?
It's huge man!
I'm so happy to be me now. Because it's easier to find clothes that fit on me. And no one can tease me again. And I;m also ready for THAT reunion! hahaha
To my "beloved" friend who said that statement, EAT THIS! LOL
To change your appearance and lose a lot of weight are not easy.
If you keep your mind in the goal and do the best you can, you will reach your goal.
I hope what I shared could inspire you to change and to lose some weight.
By losing some weight, you safe your own life from disease like diabetes, cancer, and others.