Monday, October 3, 2011

I miss you, home!

Home is the most comfortable place I have in my life.
You don't need a big house as your home. Small house, regular house or big house are the same. The size is th only thing that distinguish it. Because your home is your castle
Back when I was in Bali. I have a home. It is a regular house. Not too big and not too small. And we still can ply badminton in the living room.
I have been living in that house since I was entering elementary school. For about 12 years I spent my life in that house.
I celebrated Easter, Christmas, our family member's birthday parties, or only family gathering. We did it in our house.
Not trying to brag, but everyone who came to my house gave an interesting respond. They said that my home is cool. Well, of course it is. Because our dining room is not inside. It's outside near the garden. We can feel the wind even the weather is very hot or very cold.
There was nothing bad about that house. But the occupant makes it not perfect.
Yeah, for that 12 years I stayed there, 6 years of it I lived without my dad. I lived only with my mom.
The place where it was so noisy became quiet because my fathere wasn't around. Eventhough, I still enjoyed it with my mom. There were only a girl and a woman inside it. No guys. So, we were free for doing what we wanted to.
Since I lived in that house, I knew what is it like to have a neighbor. I knew how to take care of children because my neighbor has one. I knew so many new things since I stayed there.
I spent my childhood in there with other kids in the nighborhood.
I grew up in that house.
I got my first period, my first cell phone, my first motor bike in that house,
I was sick in that house too.
So many tragedies happened there.
Beautiful moments, sad moments, fights, laughs, and stories are in that house.
The bst part of my house is the living room. Because it's connected to the dining room and the backyard. Everytime I leaned on the couch and watched tv, I might fell asleep there.
It was easier for me to fell asleep in that place rather than my own room.
The most unexpected place in my house is the praying room. It sounds usual. But, our praying room located in the front door. So, everyone who got into the house have to go through it. It scares the demons and the devils also. Hahahaha
I won't be able to stop talking about my home. Because there are too many great things in there.
My biggest mistake was the last time I saw my home, I didn't say good bye to it. The reason is only that I don't want to cry in front of my parents. I just wanna cry with my house.
My house. My private house. It's not mine anymore. I can't live in it again. But at least I still can visit my home.
An apartment is not like home. It doesn't has the same spot as my home. And it's not mine.
Soon we'll have a new home with a new neighborhood. But even it'snew and might be bigger, it won't feel the same.
There is no place like home. Love your home while you an.
Enjoy it with all your family.
And thank to it because it had protected you from the sunight, rain, wind, and storm.
I miss my home so much. But there is nothing I can do so I can have it back.
Only pictures left to stare.
Only experience left to share.
Only memories to be remembered.

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