Friday, October 28, 2011

I miss my routinize when I was in high school :'(

5.30 am and my alarm rang loudly. I woke up, made cross on me, and got up. I cleaned my bed. Then, I walked out of my mom's bedroom, went to our living room, turned on the tv, changed it to mtv, and went straight to the bathroom for some morning ritual. After that, I took a shower, while my mom fed me with yellow rice which she bought at 6am in a stall new our house.
After I finished showering, I covered myself with towel and headed to our living room and watched tv while the door to the rear room was opened. I felt the breeze came from our opened dining room which located in the rear room. I put my school uniform and finished my breakfast in front of my tv.
I listened to all mtv's new songs. From Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson's, from mellow to rock, and from Indonesia to United States.
Sometimes I changed the channel to Disney channel, or e!. Those are the only favorite channel of mine.
Mom took my shoes and put it where I sat down, which was in front of the tv, and I put on my feet.
I took my bag, filled my drink bottles, brought some bread, took a look for a while in the mirror, and walked to the front house.
Before I reached the terrace, I looked at my pray room and smile to Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, and my grandparents pictures, and I made cross on myself again, thenme and my mom hit the road.
Usually, along the way I prayed rosary or when I have test in the morning, I would read my books on the way to school.
We arrived at school. My mom blessed me, waited me until I'm inside the school, and left.

I walked to my classroom in 4th floor while my hands kept texting my friends asking them where were they. When I entered my classroom, usually I found ayxranger already sitting on our table, yes we are chair-mates. We started morning gossips. Sometimes when I felt really hungry, I asked her to come with me to canteen to buy a snack, soy bean cake it was. Even though our classroom in the 4th floor and we just sat, but we were enjoy just to walk down stairs and went back again. Besides, we could exercise a little bit.
We walked upstairs and we started meeting our friends who just came in.
We stood in front of your class and were talking to each other about anything.
The school bell rang. We went inside the class and started studying.
At the break time, most of us went to school canteen. Although it's not that big, but we love canteen. There are so many variant of food in there. From Balinese to western.
But my friends and I most favorite was soy bean cake by memek-the first canteen from the right. We could by it again and again at the break time. It's just a normal fried soy bean cake which contains a lot of oil. But there is something that makes it taste so good.
Since we were just high school students, we didn't bring that much money. So, me and my friends gathered Rp 1000 from each one of us and we bought a snack called 'Ring'. It's cheesy and yummy. They were our favorite in school canteen.
After school, we didn't go home straight away. We gathered in front of our school, in soe-ban-jan territory. We could ate meatballs, mixed ice fruit, and hot chicken noodle. It is heaven for us. Even the location is beside the street and they using cart. There are no desk to put our food. There are only some chairs and terrace to sit. But, we didn't mind, in fact all of the students don't mind. Those who rich or just usual, don't have any shame to eat in that place. That is a must-visit-place after school. Hahaha...
Hot or cold, sunny even rainy, we always visit that place. For eat or waiting someone to pick us up or just to chit-chat with friends.
There was one time when it was raining and my friends and I were still in soe-ban-jan territory. We stood under the cart roof which made of plastic. We got wet for a couple seconds later. We were panic but we were laughing because we enjoyed the rain. But all in our mind was our beloved phone. How can we safe our phone from getting wet? Then, ban -the mixed ice fruit seller- gave us a small plastic bags to put our phone inside. Since we didn't bring umbrella, we had to run through the rain to get back inside the school. And we did it all together. Wet? No probs. THAT WAS SO MUCH FAN THAN DRY! Hahaha..
There was also one time when the rain was very very hard and our school basket ball field was full of water. Some of the seniors took their motor bike and rode them on the "flood". Then, those who rode their motor bike splashed water to those who sat on side of the field. The water was so dirty, but so what? That was our senior year, we might not get this moment again. Just enjoy it. You could wash your clothes if it's dirty, right?
There are sooooo many things that happened on my senior year and absolutely when I was a student in my beloved school, SMAK SANTO YOSEPH DENPASAR, a.k.a sanjose.
I can't write it down. Because it's too much.
I can only share it with words. But even with words, you can't get the feel when it happened. It chilled you up when it happened, especially if you were there LIVE!

After school, I went home with my mom.
I finished my homework in front of my beloved tv. On my right there were my books and school bag, while on left there were my foods and drinks and some chips for me to enjoy.
If I'm tired of studying, I didn't do any of my homework. Instead I laid on the couch with remote tv on my left hand and my phone on right.
As I watched tv, my eyes started getting sleepy. And I slept for hours and would woke up when kids in my neighbor called me to play with them.
I went out, played with them until 8pm, and went back inside.
For honest, no matter how sweaty I was, if I'm too tired, I wouldn't took shower until the next morning. That's yuckh. But that was me. I was the laziest person in the house to take a shower. I even asked my mom to bathe me. Huahuahuaa *ashamed*
At night, if I watched tv until late, my mom would yell from her bedroom telling me to go to bed. She even went out from her room, turned off the tv and took me to bed.
Yeah, I was mommy's little kid. She spoiled me even I was in HS already.

That was my routinize for more than 3 years. But I enjoyed it very much.
Because right now, when I had to go to college, I didn't have any time to do those kind of things. Especially because my mom is not here with me. So, there is no one who can spoil me like she did, not even my dad ._.

Your routine in HS will be so much different than college. Hard to have more free time every day.
High school is the most unforgettable place and moments. Enjoyed it while it last. Because you can never come back to the time.

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