Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home town

Hometown or home town is used as a generic term for the city or town where one grew up or was born.
Hometown IS the place where you born, where you grew up, where you lived when you were young.
Hometown watches you grew up.
You had your childhood friends there. You had so many experiences there.
You learned how to sit, stand up, walk, talk, and how to be a kid then teenager.
You will not stay in your home town forever. Someday, you will have to leave.
How would you feel when it happens?
Well of course you will be very very sad. You have to leave your childhood friends. You have to leave the place which you grown up with.
In the new place, you have to make new friends, which is a hard task to do. You haveto start a new life with new people and new neighborhood which you don't know about the people yet.
It is hard. It is sad to do that. But, if you have to do it, how can you not?
You might survive for a while. But after that, you WILL miss your home town so much like you miss your lost doll when you were a kid.
You miss it like you can never came back. You miss about every little thing about your hometown.
What are you gonna do about it, except recall it.
There is nothing, NOTHING you can do to bring your hometown next to you. It's not a sculpture, you know?
If you get a chance to go back for a while, you would feel really happy. You may not want to leave it for the second time. But destiny speaks different. Destiny only gave you a short time to enjoy your hometown before you go back to your new life in that new place.
Don't regret it. Because leaving your hometown to do something good for your future is the best thing to do. Your hometown may give you a bright future. But outside might be brighter.

Hometown is like a home. Even it changes a little bit, I still love it.

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