Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happiness won't always be on your side

Happy. Everybody wants to be happy everyday.
they would do anything to find happiness.
Laughter and smile are the example of happiness.
The smile from you face showed that there is something interesting happened to you.
When you laugh, people could tell that you felt very very happy because of something.
Yeah, that's pretty much about happiness.
This is life. Our life won't be full happiness. After we got happiness, there would be sadness.
It is the most horrible thing. SAD!
Who wants to be sad after they were happy? Who wants to cry after they laugh? Who wants to look sullen after they smile?
Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. You have to realize that this is life. We wont always be on the top. Sometimes we have to fall first, then we have to get up and find ways how be on the top again.
Same like it. You might be happy for now and you will be sad later.
When you were happy, you would do anything to avoid sadness. But no matter how hard you try to avoid it, sooner or later sadness will come to you. It is nature's rule.
When you are sad, try not to cry, try not to felt this is the end of the world, and try not to let your self down. Cause, when you think like that, it just making the situation more complicated and it won't solve any of your problems.
I know that sadness is so suck. Sadness is shit. Sadness is so something.
If you felt really really sad, and you got no one to talk to, then you can cry. You can even scream if you want to. Just don't ever hurt yourself because that sadness.
Hurting your self equals with hurting your own feeling much more. You won't get any advantage from there. Rip those papers. Throw those dolls. Punch your bed. But don't throw your phone. It is the most valuable things you have in that kind of situation.

Happy or sad, you have to know that there's gotta be someone who are willing to hear your story.
You can always talk to them when ever you want. Just choose the right time and prepare what you wanted to say. Throw it all out until you feel relieved.
Happiness is rare. Once you got it, you have to enjoy it and keep it last. Share it to others, so the next day others might cheer you up as well.
Sadness comes in an unexpected time. Be prepared. But don't dissolved in it for too long.
You have to be able to balance both happy and sad.
Being happy or sad depends on you. You can create your own happiness. You can erase your own sadness. You can make everything you want to do. Everything is in your hand (and God's).

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