Friday, October 28, 2011

Feels like sister

I have a junior, named faniiepani *her nick name*.
I knew her because we were a part of committee in SanJose High Festival on 2010. But that day, we were only knew each other.
On 2011, when I graduated from HS, I had that boyfriend, blablabla. And she asked us to be her model in a photo shoot session. We agreed on that.
We did that photo shoot with 4 others in a beach somewhere around Jimbaran.
Since that day, me and her became closer. Especially when she told me that she's in love with her senior, which is my junior. We started talking about that guy. We hang out together even with my boyfriend.
For months, we got to know each other.
I supported her when she felt blue about her ex. And she also supported me when I broke up with my beloved bf too.
I bbm with her almost every day. We talked about a lot of things.
Then, I told her that I would move to New York for college. And she asked me whether I have any family members in USA. I said yes and said that my father and sister lived there.
An unexpected fact revealed. Her father also works in New York. The same city as my dad.
I felt related to her, even we came from different family. But our stories is kinda the same.
Our father left use since we were a kid. He didn't see us graduated from elementary school and junior high school, and my dad wasn't there when I graduated from high school.
I use glasses, and so does she. We have some things in common.
We are like sister from different parents.
On August 2011, I got my visa, and soon I would move to NY. And at the same time, my dad, who had left me for about 6 years CAME HOME!! How can I not be so excited??
I told her that and she was happy for me.
She asked me when her dad will go back home for her. Her birthday is coming on November.
She really really wanted her dad to be there on her birthday. But no one knew, until today when she got bbm from her dad saying that he's already in Jakarta.
She told me. I was sooooo happy for her. Finally, for 8 years, her dad came home for her birthday. But when her dad bbm her, he said that he was still in Jakarta. We were so happy. I'm happy for her, and she's happy for her self.
But then, her father texted her saying that he was only kidding. He was still "there". We didn't know where "there" is. It might be in NY or Jakarta. We hope "there: means Jakarta.
I will be so happy and glad if she could met her dad in a couple of days.
When the day comes, of course she will feel very very happy and speechless.
For 8 years maaann. And now she got that chance. I hope everything went well and her father really came.
If he does, we ARE two lucky girls!
There is nothing I can do for her, except pray for her and for her dad so that they can meet, soon.
Be happy, keep your smile on your face, hug him, and tell him how much you miss him.
I knew how much this feel. Cause I've been there.
Excitement and speechless covered your feeling now. But don't get too excited before the day come.
As you said and wrote to me,"DREAM, BELIEVE, AND MAKE IT TRUE"
Now it's your turn to prove your words.
Love you lil sis :*


  1. WOW!thankyou so much kak...yeah i forgot my "DREAM.BELIEVE.AND MAKE IT TRUE"....
    thankyou so much!!!!ahhh speechless baca ini :'>

  2. You are so welcome!! ({})
    gak boleh di lupain. kan yang ngasitau aku itu kamu :')