Saturday, October 29, 2011

Difference cause war ??

It's 21st century and many people still hate, insult each other because their difference ethnicity, religion, and race.
You maybe not one of them. But I believe there are many people who still have these things in their mind. And most of the are adult.
Isn't that funny knowing the adult hate each other because those differences?
They said adult have a mature mind. Is that what you call MATURE? You must be joking.
An adult which has mature mind, won't do that stupid things. They might not agree with other believe, but they don't have any right to hate it and hate the people.
We all are humans. God created us. HELLOOOOO!!!!
Open up your mind please.
Why there should be a war? Why there should be hatred?
Hate comes because one of them insult the other.
This condition uld cause a bad future generation.
Now, the parents did it. Their children saw it. They grew up and they would start doing the same thing like their parents did.
When will this world be in peace if it contains people who think this way and act like that? WHEN?
There might be no future for our next generation unless we change it right now.
A little change from each one of us, can invite others to do the same thing, and it can makes a big difference and changes.
If there is a will, there will be a way
God doesn't want us to fight against each other. He created us differently. But difference doesn't mean I'm-better-than-you.
All of us are equals. There are plus and minus in each one of us. Those plus-minus is the reason why we live. God wants to give us a test of that differences. Will you accept the differences among you guys?
I guess the answer is 'not yet'. You can see why. The evidence is a lot.
No doubt our world gets disaster day by day.
Make a change. Start it from yourself. And release it into the wild *lho?
I meant, bring those change to the world in front of you. So, we won't stuck in this kind of life any longer.


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