Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cold Autumn

Leaves become yellow and begin to fall.
And I watch them fall as my heart breaks in the silence of the autumn's wind.
When the wind blew me away with all the memories in the past.
The memories where you were still in my arms & smile was upon our faces.
And when you kissed me cheeks, hugged me, and those time we spent together.
But now it's all gone, swept away with the cold wind of autumn.
The only thing that left is regret. Regret of letting you go away.
Seeing you hands slowly slipped away and your feet walked away on that day make my heart fell apart.
They you said that you'll be back. But until now, you haven't.
And I've waited for you days after days, weeks, months, and now I begin to wonder ....
Do you still love me? Did you ever think of me again? Do you even still remember our stories?
When will I see you again? Where can I found you? Will we meet again?
I don't think it's gonna happen unless you came back.
Because I'm still standing in the same place where you left me.
And I'm still waiting for your promises, you beautiful eyes, your sweet smile.
Where can I found the smile like yours? Will there be someone who can replace you in my heart?
Will there be anyone who can understand me better in the future?
I'm hopeless because you ruin my future. It supposed to be a bright one for me. But since you left, I got nothing.
I'm trying to put myself together again, but I can't.
The scar you left me is just to deep and too hurt.
I don't know what else should I do. I'm stuck in the past and I can't move on.
This autumn season become colder then it was. You're the reason why.
If you were here, it might be warmer. Because you will hug me, you will warm my body, and you will not let me catch cold.
This season is the most painful season of my life. I lost you, you left me, and we can never see each other again since this cold autumn start.
Oh cold autumn, though leaves fall to the ground, don't let my heart become one of them. Don't let my heart become yellow, got old, then die. I still have a chance to change it, unless you're here to lift up my heart and make it shine as it was.
Oh autumn, I would like to pass this season. I want to erase all those sweet memories I spent with him.
It's just so hard because I found out that he erased it way before I wanted to forget it.
You're suppose to be a wonderful season. But why now you're not?
Why I'm freezing everyday which I shouldn't be?
If there is anything I can do to make this season warmer, please tell me. So that it won't always be cold autumn for next year.

*created by @Reno_Bluey and also me. Editted by me.*

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