Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can you love the one you're with?

Some people just can't forget about their past. About their ex.
To forget them, they usually try to get someone new. Someone to replace the ex in their heart.
Well, it's not a good thing to do. Because it's like you only use them to make you feel happy or only to fill the emptiness in your heart.
Time flies. You broke up with your bf/gf. You were sad. You hoped to get back with them, but you couldn't. 
And when you saw them with a new person, you felt hurt. Especially when you realized that he/she had moved on and already forgotten about you. That is so heart breaking.
Then, you tried to do the same thing. You tried to move on, but you can't. You tried to forget, but everything seems to keep spinning around in your head.
You tried to find a new guy/girl. You got it. He/she loves you very very much and so do you. But then, when you met your ex, your mind started to flash back to the time when you guys spent time together, doing things together, holding hands, hugging, and other sweet moments.
You tried to be strong. You tried not to hope to get back with them. Sadly, because of those sweet moments made you think twice about the relationship you were in at the time. You were thinking about stay in that relationship or giving it up.
In one side, you were trying to forget about your ex, that's why you look for a new one.
But in the other side, you still love you ex so much. Because he/she gave you the best and unforgettable experiences in your life.
Even you only met him/her for once, all those memories might stuck in your mind for a long time until you guys met each other again or even get back again.
Who doesn't want to get back with his/her gf/bf? However, that is kinda an impossible thing to happen.
Bringing back old love story is not as easy as it is in movie. There's gonna be awkward moments when it happened. They way he/she treated you won't be the same as the first time you guys in love.
People around you would started to give you some support to forget about your ex and just to move on with the one you're with at the time.
Although you are in love with your bf/gf now, have you ever think about your ex?
The question is, are you really love the one you're with now? Or you love them just because you don't want to be alone? And, are you truly over your ex??

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