Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Broken Home

Mostly people describe broken home as the condition where their parents are split up.
Broken home could turn a good peron into bad person. He/she might used to be a nice person, kind, always in the right way, always pray, and other good things. But after this things happened, they could forget about all of those things. They turned bad, they are no longer a kid person, they didn't pray anymore. Some of them might becoming "bad" girl or boy.
Boys usually would smoke, use drugs, get into troubles all the time, and became criminal.
Girls might be sweet. But when they faced this situation, they could turn bad. They would find their own happiness. They also can smoke, use drugs, and usually they sell them self to get money. Even if their parents still gave them money but they will do that because of the stress they felt.
They did that because they felt like no one love them, no one care about them anymore, and no one will be mad for what they did.
They lost their mind. They didn't know what to do. In their mind, they think about how to find happiness without their parents anymore. Yeah and that is it. They went to the wrong path of life.
Actually, they can do a lot better things than that. They could just move to a new place, find school or job, and start a new life. It might be hard, but it's harder to get back to the right path than doing those things.
Of course they felt stress when it happened. But what can they do?
Cry? Scream? Scratching? That's not enough to get rid of that pain.
The pain is not only in their body, also in their soul.
They used to be so happy to have a compete family. Sadly now, they have to choose to live with which one of them? It is a tough decision though.
They could live with their mom today and dad for the next day. But for how long could they survive it? No one can handle that kind of position.
No one in this whole wide world are willing to be a broken home person. Beside that made them sick, it made others hate 'em also.
For those who trapped in this condition, be strong and don't do anything stupid which cause bad effect for your future. You can still move on and do certain things which can bring you to a better future.
For us, who still has a perfect family, love it, don't ever let it go, and do not let it break apart. Because family is the only place we have when others left us.
For you all, don't treat a broken home person like a trash. They are human same like you. Do not ever treat them in a different way or bad way. Do not ever tease them because of their condition. Because it only makes everything worst.

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