Friday, October 21, 2011

The best birthday party!!

Sunday, October 16th, 2011 - New York
I was sitting in my bedroom reading a book. Suddenly my phone beeped. I got a bbm from one of my best friends in Indonesia saying happy birthday to me. I laughed out loud. How so? It wasn't even my birthday yet. Mine is on October 19th. Hahahahaha
She said that she was dreaming that she forgot about my birthday. Then I said,"You haven't even celebrate your birthday yet." (her birthday is one day before mine : October 18th)
She even tweeted it.
Look at the date and time. Hahaha...
She laughed herself. She was losing her mind. And both of us laugh through text.
It kinda made me smile a little bit after a rough day I had. 

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 - New Jersey
I was on my way to New Jersey with my dad. At about 12 am, I got bbm from dea again. She said happy birthday to me. Even, it was not October 19th yet, but it is in Bali. So yeah, I accepted her congratulation. Hahaha
Then, one by one my friends bbm me, wrote on my facebook's wall, and mention me on twitter.
It was very grateful to find out that your friends still remember your birthday even you are far away :')
My best friends, ayxranger, draw a picture like this in her ipod. Thank you very much ayx :*

Dea was the first who used this picture as display picture in bbm.
In the afternoon (bali time) some of my best friends also use this as their bbm's DP. Again, I am so grateful. Thank you very much for those who used this as their bbm's DP.
Milka also draw a picture on a drawing book.

I didn't even know that she would do this to me. Thank you very much milka :*
Fanny e-mailed me a picture of her in the morning (Surabaya time)

If you can't read it, it says," Happy birthday Aubrey. Wish you all the best, sehat2, panjang umur, something ..., get a boyfriend, good luck at New York, and may God always bless you. We love you."
I was SHOCKED! I didn't expect she made that. I didn't even make anything for her birthday :(
Thank you so much faan. Next year, wait for my surprise :*

My new best friend, Candra, made my photo as her bbm's DP and on her bbm's status message, she wrote,"Happy birthday Aubrey Maria Palar"

We just knew each other. We haven't even met. But we got the chemistry in friendship.
Thank you Candra :*

And, my little sister, faniiepani, she made me a short movie and uploaded it into youtube. wow! that's amazing or me.
I'm sorry I couldn't put it in here because it took so long to upload it. But I copied the link below.
Just watch it. It so cute. Thank you so much sis :*

These are pretty much what my friends used as their bbm's DP and status message.
Thank you so much :*

At night, my dad and I celebrated my 18th birthday along with my mom via webcam for skype.
That was a touching moment. My mom said,"Happy birthday Aubrey. May God always bless you. May you become success and can make your parents happy."
Then, she cried, I cried, my dad cried, bonbin also cried.
After 6 years of my teenage life, this is the first time I got to celebrate my birthday with both of my parents even it was via webcam. But at least, I could hear both of them sing for me on my birthday. 
My birthday cake wasn't as big as other people had. But it tasted so damn good and it has a lot of meaning. 
My tiny 18th birthday cake 

Me, my dad, and my mom (the one in the laptop)

In the evening (Thursday, October 20th, 2011, 3pm Bali time), we were going to celebrate my birthday via webcam for skype. But sadly, the connection and the time were the problem. I was webcam-ing with ayxranger while we waited for dea and fanny. But they weren't appear and it was already 5 am New York time. I was obviously need more sleep. So, ayx told me to get a rest and on 7 am NY time, we could webcam-ing again.
At 7 am, I woke up for the second time. But still, the connection was the problem. So, we decided to do it some other time. It was sad, but I was so glad that my friends tried so hard to celebrate my birthday via webcam.
I am so sorry for not making anything to you guys while you made these wonderful things on my birthday. Next year, if I could, I would make a surprise for each one of you.
Yeah, this is pretty much of my super blast 18th birthday.
Though I didn't have a big party, but this was soooooo much better than my sweet 17th party.
Thank you so much to God, my dad, my mom, etoilers, my best friends, and my friends.
May God bless you all as well :*

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