Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apologize when you shouldn't

Have you ever being forced to apologize when you didn't make any mistake at all? Probably, you have.
And what did it feel like? Good? Did it taste like strawberry jam?
Absolutely NOT!! You will feel upset, angry, mad, and that king of things.
Why should you even apologize for something you didn't do, right? I mean, what the hell? What's wrong with you old people?? -__-
That must be so heart breaking.
You didn't make any mistake, but you have to say sorry because of a stupid person who doesn't that those are their own mistake. They just didn't realize what they have done.
They said you were the one who made the mistake. They said that you were stupid. They hurt you with actions or words. They completely messed you up.
But, why should you being confuse because of that silly person?
As P!NK said, "just raise your glass if you were wrong in all the right way."
Yeah! Don't give any shit to that person. Don't even care about them.
If you have to apologize, just say,"I'm so sorry for anything I didn't do. Fyi, you ARE the one who should apologize to me you stupid head!" and see what's their respond.
Don't let them be proud of themselves because they can make you say sorry. Otherwise, make them feel sorry for themselves because of their stupidity and foolishness.
Sometimes, you have to do this thing just to make others happy. That's okay! There are some advantages of it. You could open their blind eyes; you could make others who asked you to do it, happy; you could learn how to act or pretend.
Hahahaha sillym but who cares? No one care. If there is, they wouldn't force you to do that thing.
Apologize for something you didn't do might break your heart. But did it for someone you love, you'll get rewards from God later.
Just raise your glass because you ARE NOT the one who's wrong.

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