Thursday, September 29, 2011

only 5 minutes ...

What will you do when you feel bored? You can text or chat with your friends.
But, what about the time difference? Isn't it harder to contact with your friends? uyeah it is.
How are you gonna handle that? Stay all night long.
It's not actually good for your health. But what other things yo are able to do beside that? nothing!
Me and my friends.
We live in the different country with different time. When I'm awake, they're asleep, and the other way around.
You know time difference is suck. Especially when you felt alone. You can't just text or call your friends like you did before. They might be in school or they might been asleep.
Yeah! It's the hard time of my life.
When I felt lonely, I can do nothing. All I can do is only stare at my phone hoping there was someone who's still awake and just have small talk with me. Sometimes it happened.
I never like noon. Every noon I'm alone. Without my dad and without my friends. But God still with me all the time.
When noon came, I did everything I can so evening would come soon. So that my friends are awake and we can start chatting. haahah
But it wasn' happen for hours. They have to go to school. They have to study until 3pm their time.
Yaa, even just 5 minutes, it was worthy.
With only that 5 minutes, I told them what I had in my mind. After I said all of that, I felt so good.
Only them who can made me felt that way. They listened to me. They supported me.
yeah they are supposed to be a cheerleader. Not the amateurs one. But the best one.
They cheered me up with ways that others can't.
I am so lucky to have them.
Every 5 minutes I had, I use it as my quality time with them.
A quality time which I never had in here until now.